Does “browning the tongue of the sparrow or the noodles” make it carcinogenic?.. A doctor replies

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Thursday, December 15, 2022

I wrote – Rawan Sharif:

A number of the pioneers of the social networking site, in the past few days, have shared publications about the danger of frying some food products, especially “Lissan al-Asfoor”, because they contain carcinogenic substances that appear by frying in oil or ghee, which caused panic among users of communication sites, as it is a daily habit that many do in preparing the food.

In this regard, Dr. Amr Nagy, a clinical nutrition consultant, commented that what is being circulated is “incomplete”, and the method of circulation is wrong.

The nutrition consultant revealed to “Masrawy” that when frying foodstuffs in oil or ghee until they turn brown or black, acrylamide is formed, and its risk is not high or worrisome, but its effects can appear in the long term.

The therapeutic nutrition consultant also advised, after eating food that contains high levels of saturated fats for its effects on the health of the body, and not just the tongue of the sparrow and noodles, and the methods of frying food in oil can be replaced with other less harmful alternatives.

The British Food Standards Agency issued recommendations related to the process of cooking food, stressing the need to cook bread and potato slices until they acquire a yellow color, not “brown”, to reduce the damage to our bodies from carcinogenic chemicals.

It also confirmed that starchy foods, food grains, and baked goods, whenever they are exposed to higher temperatures, heavy oil, or frying, produce more amounts of acrylamide.

A study by researcher Sana Ibrahim at the National Research Center in 2007, published on the center’s official website, revealed that “acrylamide” is formed in foods that are exposed to high temperatures during processing, especially those that contain a high percentage of starches and are exposed to high temperatures during frying and browning.

In order to avoid the damage, the study advised to follow the optimal method of frying that does not allow the formation of acrylamide in a large way, such as reducing the frying temperature and not reaching the brown color of the fries and roasters.

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