Does Chiquis Rivera plan to become a mother?


Chiquis Rivera reveals if she plans to become a mother in the not too distant future.

In a revealing and emotional interview with ‘Salt and pepper’, Chiquis Rivera broke the silence about her wishes to become a mother in the not too distant future. The singer also revealed that she plans to freeze her eggs soon.

“Right now I am not ready at this time to have babies because I obviously want to have babies with that correct partner, with that partner who is going to support me and who is going to be with me,” the singer explained.

When asked if she plans to freeze her eggs, Chiquis replied: “I have plans to do it in January, I do urgently need to freeze the eggs because I would like to. I think she would be an excellent mother. The day God gives me the blessing of being a mother, my world will be completely different.

Chiquis was unfaithful to Lorenzo Méndez?

In her interview with the Univision entertainment show, Chiquis Rivera took the opportunity to categorically deny any type of allegation that claimed that she was unfaithful to her ex-husband, singer-songwriter Lorenzo Méndez.

“I was a faithful wife, I was a woman who gave everything for her marriage, who did the possible and the impossible. God knows, I was never, ever unfaithful, “the interpreter pointed out.

In mid-September, Rivera announced through his official account on Instagram that she had decided to end her marriage to Lorenzo Méndez. However, at that time the couple had not initiated a legal separation process.

Rivera ruled on the possible reasons for his separation from Méndez

At the time of talking about the causes that could trigger her imminent separation from Lorenzo Méndez, Chiquis Rivera confessed to the Univision television program ‘Sal y Pimienta’ that there were several reasons that prompted her to make that decision: “It was not one thing, it was lots of things and there were months of things that happened. I have had this question since October last year, he made the decision to leave and I respected him ”.

The singer assured that the restraining order in her divorce claim was suggested by her lawyer and not a decision of her own as many media have speculated: “I’ll be very honest with you, it was my lawyer’s decision to do that. I believe that for many things that I told her, she felt it was necessary to do it. I really didn’t ask for it ”.

On the other hand, Chiquis revealed that he did not tell the members of his family about his decision to separate from Lorenzo Méndez: “I think that many people realized it through social networks, perhaps that was also my mistake because he did claim it from me. my family, they were feeling with me. I do apologize to my family because nobody really knew. My grandmother was one of the only people who knew that I had problems with my ex-partner ”.

Who do the men who come into Chiquis Rivera’s life fall in love with?

Chiquis Rivera is referred to her love life by ensuring that the men with whom she has had a romantic relationship fall in love at first with her artistic side:

“I think that the men who have come into my life have fallen in love with Chiquis, she is the person they see first and then they know Janney, they know my heart and they know that girl who gives everything and already they don’t like much to Chiquis, as Chiquis interferes ”, he asserted.

Currently, the singer is single after ending her marriage with singer-songwriter Lorenzo Méndez. However, Chiquis expressed in the interview that he does not rule out the possibility of finding the right man to start a family in the future.

The star has been romantically related to Mexican businessman Jorge Cueva, but she has reiterated that she is single and currently focused on her outstanding singing career.

Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez: How long were they married?

Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendéz were married for more than a year, but the couple decided to end their marriage in mid-September of this 2020. To date, the reasons for the separation of the singers remain a mystery.

Rivera and Méndez They got married in June 2019 in a ceremony held at Westminister Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, California. The celebration was attended by the couple’s closest family and friends.

Despite the fact that they are no longer together, both Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez have not released any details about the reasons that could trigger their imminent separation.

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