Dogs and cats are at home at the town hall

2024-03-17 16:40:58

Anyone who has ever had their heart broken by leaving their pet alone at home to go to the office will understand the privilege that employees of the town hall of La Verrière in the Yvelines department will benefit from.

In fact, the municipal council decided to authorize municipal agents to come to work on Fridays, accompanied by their dogs, cats or fish.

More happiness and conviviality at work

According to the city’s mayor, Nicolas Dainville, many of these agents love their four-legged (or finned) friends and talk about the happiness they experience with them on a daily basis. A happiness that they will now be able to bring to work, provided that they work in a department that is not open to the public and that all colleagues agree, or are free of allergies.

According to a study carried out by the Virginia Commonwealth Universitythe presence of animals at work would help employees feel better, more creative and would improve conviviality and communication at work.

A video to be found on 20 Minutes TV…

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