Dogs locked in the car at 32 degrees

2023-08-21 05:54:33

An attentive member of the FF Bad Schallerbach noticed on Sunday evening that two dogs were locked in a dog box in the rear of a parked car. The vehicle was standing in the blazing sun, with an outside temperature of 32 degrees, only the sunroof window was open. Since a vehicle owner query was negative after the display at 7 p.m., the vehicle was opened by force after consultation with the Grieskirchen district authority. Until then, artificial shading was created using fire brigade trucks and the vehicle was cooled with water in the rear area.

Pet owners are shown

The car could finally be entered by pressing open the sun blind in the area of ​​the sliding roof and the tailgate could then also be opened. Water was immediately provided to the dogs. The animals were already panting badly at this point, and the insides of the panes fogged up immediately during the course of cooling with water due to the enormous temperature.

Finally, documents relating to the Italian owners were found in the vehicle. These were in a hotel. You will be reported to the public prosecutor’s office in Wels on suspicion of animal cruelty and to the BH Grieskirchen.


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