Doha Sees 23% Increase in Air Travelers and Cargo Services in November: A Revival in the Aviation Sector

2023-12-23 17:07:38

Doha: A huge increase in the number of air travelers to Qatar. Passengers increased by 23 percent in November compared to last year. Figures indicate that there was a big revival in the aviation sector in November. Apart from the number of passengers, air cargo and mail services too. The number of air services increased by 7 percent.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, more services were conducted this time than in the year when the World Cup was held in 2022. 39 lakh passengers arrived in Qatar in November. Last year it was 32 lakhs. This year, since September itself, there has been a huge increase in the number of travelers to Qatar. The number of travelers who reached the country during these months is close to 40 lakh or more.

As a major transit hub to Europe and Africa, Hamad Airport has seen an increase in passenger numbers. The Haya visa extension and Asian Cup football are expected to bring more people to Qatar in the coming months.

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