Domino effect? Another celebrity was denounced for child abuse, the third in ten days

A new complaint for sexual abuse shook the entertainment world after the surprising accusations against Marcelo Corazza and Jey Mammon. On this occasion, the accusation falls on Guido Sullerwho was denounced for alleged sexual abuse with carnal access against a minor under 17 years of age in Escobar’s Buenos Aires party.

According to the criminal complaint, to which the news agency had access THATthe young man -currently 22 years old- filed the same on August 9 of last year in the Functional Defense Unit of the Zárate-Campana Judicial Department, and explained that the event occurred in 2017.

The victim, identified as Federico Carlos Acosta and who is sponsored by the lawyer Hugo López Carribero, reported that he met Süller “through Instagram” and revealed that they spoke “for a month” through that social network “before” seeing each other for the first time.

The complainant assured that the media picked him up at Escobar and took him “to his house in the Barrio San Lucas de Ingeniero Maschwitz”.

Credit: Instagram/guido_suller

The complainant’s story

When I got to his house, he offered me alcohol and food.. I started drinking and drinking. He approached me and began to caress me, telling me that he could help me. Take advantage of the opportunity since I wanted to be an actor or singer. I kept drinking alcohol until he told me that if I wanted to succeed I had to sleep with him. In that he began to take off my clothes and caress me, “said the young man.

He also added: “I felt bad at that moment. I told him that I didn’t want that to be the way but he told me to relax, to let myself go. He kept taking off my clothes, he began to touch my private parts. I I resisted but I stayed hard because I thought that this was the way to succeed and apart from that I was afraid that he would become violent”.

The complainant explained that Süller “performed oral sex” and then the media asked him to have sex.

The young man indicated that he wanted to “become successful on television”, which is why he agreed, while later adding that they had “four or five more meetings, where they always” had sex and “it was always at home”.

Guido Suller 20230330
Credit: Instagram/guido_suller

In the complaint he also reported that Süller asked him to “show him more love”but the young man clarified that he never took it to television to be able to show himself as an actor or singer.

He also said that he decided to end the relationship when the media employed him to work at his home, since he used it as if it were a restaurant and charged for the plate.

“He yelled at me, denigrated me, kept the tips from the clients and strained the pasta with the same skimmer that he used to clean the capybara’s poop. In addition, he threatened to tell my parents that he was an alcoholic and that he was a cat that sold me for a bit of fame”, completed Acosta.

The complainant agreed to submit to the required expertise, while presenting the captures of the conversations he had with Süller.

Costa spoke about Jay Mammón and Marcelo Corazza

Complaints against Jey Mammon and Marcelo Corazza

Süller’s case adds to the wave of complaints in which other celebrities with great media coverage were recently involved.

The scandal over the sexual abuse of Mammon’s property appeared on Karina Mazzoco’s program on the América channel, where Lucas Benvenuto, the complainant, assured that “a well-known Telefe driver” had abused him. The young man finally agreed on his social networks to a comment asking if his abuser was the driver of “The Rock of Morfi”.

Benvenuto revealed that he dated Jey Mammon when he was 14 and the musician was 32. In 2020, the young man reported the driver to the Court, however the case was closed the following year and the defendant was dismissed.

After hearing the complaint, Jey Mammón was momentarily separated from driving The rock of the morphi. In addition, he released a statement on his social networks.

He said the “complaint seeks income to the detriment of his person” and that he is the victim of “a campaign of harassment and defamation.” He also said that she suffered “extortive” conduct by Lucas Benvenuto.

Marcelo Corazza and Jey Mammon
Jey Mammon and Marcelo Corazza.

The complainant communicated on social networks that he does not want to speak to the press anymore and that he only wants to dedicate himself to healing his situation.

Besides, Marcelo Corazzacurrent producer and former participant of the TV reality show Big Brother, who was arrested on Monday, March 20, for being involved in a case for corruption of minors and human trafficking.

When the accusation was made public, the Telefe channel issued a statement in which it suspended Corazza “preventively, as regulated by law, until the Justice clarifies this situation.”

The document published by the station states: “As is public knowledge, Marcelo Corazza, former participant of Big Brother -Primera Edición- and Telefe employee, has been arrested as a result of a judicial investigation into corruption of minors. Telefe will collaborate with the Justice immediately as long as it is required. Telefe has preventively suspended Marcelo Corazza, as regulated by law, until justice clarifies this situation. Finally, we hope and advocate for the rapid clarification of the facts.”


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