Dongfang kicks out that unscrupulous employers deduct attendance bonuses for infected employees, Cathay Pacific admits failure: reissue next month

Dongfang kicks out that unscrupulous employers deduct attendance bonuses for infected employees, Cathay Pacific admits failure: reissue next month

Cathay Pacific, which has fallen out of the top three in the world’s best airline ranking due to poor management, has employees of Cathay Pacific Catering Services (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. complained to the Oriental Media Organization (hereinafter referred to as Oriental), saying that they had been coerced into Penny by the company earlier. In order to deliver meals to the quarantine camp, the management has assured beforehand that once the company is recruited, the company will not deduct wages. However, the employee unfortunately contracted the virus in early March this year, and after 14 days of recuperation at home, he found that his bonus for the month had been cut by about HK$2,540. After the intervention of the East, Cathay Pacific made a rush to make up for it, and decided to make special arrangements for employees who were unfortunately infected with the epidemic from February to May this year to be treated as a special holiday, meaning that the relevant bonuses will not be affected, but it will take time to deal with it. The employees concerned expressed their great joy that the bonus was lost and recovered, and expressed their thanks to the East by telephone.

Mr. Chen, an employee of Cathay Pacific, pointed out that since the epidemic, the Cathay Pacific Catering Service, a subsidiary of Cathay Pacific Airways, has also provided food delivery services to the Penny’s Bay Quarantine Center in order to increase its income due to the reduction of flights. He pointed out that he and several other employees received a notice from the company in early February this year that when they needed to deliver meals to the quarantined people in Penny’s Bay, they once refused the relevant arrangement because they felt there was a high risk of infection. However, some management has used both hard and soft tactics. On the one hand, they used high-pressure tactics and intimidation with the terms of the contract. On the other hand, they ensured that employees would “never deduct money” if they contracted the virus, so that the relevant employees finally gave in. Unexpectedly, by the beginning of March, Chen Sheng and several colleagues were all recruited. Mr. Chen pointed out that because of this, he stayed at home for 14 days before he recovered, and during this period, his family was also forced to be isolated at home. However, what made Chen even more angry was that when the salary was paid in March, in addition to the monthly salary of about 13,000 Hong Kong dollars, he found that the bonus of 2,540 Hong Kong dollars had disappeared. He suspected that the company used the excuse of sick leave to deduct the bonus of the month, because The contract states that one of the conditions for receiving the full bonus is no sick leave for the month. He criticized the company’s lack of credibility, “as a big company, it doesn’t count.” He pointed out that he contracted the epidemic on the job and involved his family in quarantine.

A spokesperson for Cathay Pacific Catering Services (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. replied that the internal review was completed at the end of last month. Sick leave is treated as a special leave, and the related bonuses are not affected. The adjustment will take time, and the difference will be distributed to all affected employees in the early June pay period.

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