“Don’t forget the words”: Margaux is eliminated after 59 victories and 530,000 euros in winnings

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The great champion of the game of Nagui “Do not forget the words” was eliminated on Monday evening. She had 59 wins in a row. She left with a check for 530,000 euros.

All good things come to an end … even for maestros. Margaux, the grand champion of “Don’t forget the words”, the game of Nagui broadcast every evening at 6:40 pm, was eliminated this Monday evening. She was beaten by another candidate, Séverine, who was too far ahead. It is the song “All the rain falls on me” by Sacha Distel which was fatal to Margaux.

Before losing, Margaux had 59 victories in a row and she prevented a record sum of 530,000 euros. The candidate seemed untouchable. “The incredible is coming. It had to happen one day, ”said Nagui.

In tears, Margaux said to Séverine: “I am not crying because I am sad. On the contrary. I am very happy for you. I cry because it is the end of a huge adventure for me. I didn’t think I would get there that far … It’s a lot of emotions, I’m sorry. “

The audience gave Margaux a standing ovation at the end of the show. The young woman went behind the scenes of the show through a guard of honor. Margaux will return to the show during the Masters.

The 24-year-old Breton, who is unemployed but looking for a work-study program to become a veterinary assistant, already knows how she will spend the money earned. She first wants to afford a day of shopping in Rennes. Then she explains to Parisian, she wants to “pay off my student loan.” Then I will buy a self-cleaning robot litter for the cat. But also a car, a motorcycle for my boyfriend. And then I’m going to please my mother, who has to do work at her house. ”

And then Margaux assures her: she will continue to sing karaoke with her mom!

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