Don’t play football so much

The football fan does not like changes. The rules, the usual ones and if something has to be modified, let them be nuances. Tournaments, recognizable format, please. Conservative as he is, this past year has been rocked with awkward innovations. Let’s forget about VAR, in essence already digested as an instrument, despite the fact that it is still out of tune like a dog that has just had a leg stepped on.

Let’s count it: the Nations League has burst into our lives as viewers with some force. The closed Super League, which is now in the process of being reformulated to appear less elitist, has reappeared its head, amidst enormous scandal. UEFA has announced a Champions League from 2024 so strange that it is more difficult to understand than cricket.

The worst, at least for those who sign this, is still finishing tying despite the fact that it seemed that his approval was more than lubricated. It is about the World Cup every two years that FIFA has designed for, what a surprise, to bring in more money (4,400 million, according to its calculations). From the authors of shamelessly awarding a World Cup to Qatar now comes the plan to squeeze more out of footballers and their clubs.

Exceptional character

FIFA, envious of UEFA, has been planning for years how to expand the sources of its collection. The hat can only pass every four years with the World Cup, plus what the poor Club World Cup gives of itself, also in the process of tuning. Gianni Infantino He has secured the support of countless small federations to carry out his idea but has strong opposition from UEFA, Conmebol, clubs and footballers’ unions.

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It seems sensible for the fans to rebel as well. The World Cups serve as a measure of our memory, it is a factory of memories and an encompassing mythology of 90 years, it touches on the personal, it connects childhood and adult life, and all this in large part due to the exceptional nature of being held every four years .

Let us implore: do not play football so impudently, we are not going to lose the will.


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