“Don’t stumble on the home straight yet”

FLeading politicians from the federal and state levels have warned of caution in the corona pandemic and reminded them that the opening perspectives are not irreversible. Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder said on Thursday evening in an ARD “Extra” that this “very balanced concept” had opening perspectives, but cautious ones with an emergency brake. “It’s not a one-way street. If the numbers get worse again, the openings will be withdrawn, ”Söder clarified.

The head of the Chancellery, Helge Braun, also made it clear in the ZDF “heute journal” that if the numbers rise, there will have to be closures again. “We will not accept again that we come as close to the edge of the overload of our health system as we were shortly before Christmas,” emphasized the CDU politician. Braun defended the easing decisions. “After four months, society needs a perspective,” emphasized Braun. At the same time, however, he referred to the protective mechanism that comes into force again if a seven-day incidence of more than 100 per 100,000 inhabitants is exceeded.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the prime ministers had basically extended the lockdown to March 28 on Wednesday. However, there should be many opening options depending on the infection situation. At the same time, an “emergency brake” should ensure that there is no relief again in the event of a strong regional increase in the number of infections – until the winter lockdown conditions.

The last kilometers of a marathon

Hamburg’s mayor Peter Tschentscher admitted in the ARD “Tagesthemen” that he would have liked the step-by-step plan to be a little more long-term. Now you have to take the restrictions still in force seriously when opening steps so that there is no relapse in the pandemic. Fighting them is a marathon, you are here on the last kilometers. “Those are the most exhausting. My urgent wish would be that we don’t stumble on this home stretch, ”warned Tschentscher.


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