“Dora” reveals the secret of her crying on the day of her joy.

The Tunisian artist, Dora, commented on a video clip in which the artist Wafaa Amer appeared in one of the seminars, commenting on the appearance of her name next to Dora in the series Nisr Al-Saeed, and Dora said that it was the first time she saw this clip. And between her, and the subject of this Tatar has other accounts, noting that the great artist Lebleba appeared after her name on the same painting in one of the artworks, which is “The Street That Sees Us”, despite her long history, even if it was a sweet work, there is no objection to working with her, adding that she She dreamed of meeting the great director Youssef Chahine and did an audition with him and nominated her for her role in the movie “Heya Fawda”. Tunisian.

And the artist, Dora, continued, during her meeting on the “Youm Lake” program broadcast on Al-Hayat channel and presented by the media, Samar Yusra, that the secret of her crying at her wedding was that she was already affected by the circumstances and the subject, and she found in the eyes of those who loved her that they were affected by her crying, noting that she and her husband had brought them together a love story for a period of time. Months, and love is not measured in duration. It is from God, and the person does not know when and how this love will come, and a few close friends taught her, noting that her relationship with the artist Sherif Ramzy is a relationship of brotherhood and described him as “more than my brotherhood” and true friendship exists, and always presents her Whatever advice you will accept or not.

And Dora continued, that she considers Iman Al-Khamisi her friend for a long time, noting that she is very happy that she is currently an ambassador for one of the important brands and for the first time they have an Arab ambassador in the Middle East, and this matter makes her very happy and is nervous when she appears because this appearance is a responsibility, noting that The fashion model must choose what suits her and be aware of and follow the fashion.

And Dora continued: She loves the writer Magda Khairallah and respects her opinion and respects the opinion of critics because there is no perfect human being, adding that she wishes for composite artworks that show her talents, and such works are opportunities, and that she does not depend on anyone and depends on her personal diligence, and she sees a number of works The artist commented, “I wish he was a gal,” and this is a bit of luck, noting that the positives of the episode were more than its negatives.


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