Dr. Heba Kotb boldly reveals very shocking things about the wedding night… You won’t believe what she said?!

12:40 PM
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Dr. Heba Kotb, marital and family relations consultant, revealed the secrets of the wedding night and the reasons for feeling helpless in the first meeting between the spouses.

She emphasized that some men’s feeling of complete helplessness on the wedding night is very prevalent even among foreigners, which is called “the curse of the wedding night” and sometimes this condition extends to the first week and sometimes lasts for a month and is called “the curse of the honeymoon.”

She pointed out that this matter is very prevalent in our Arab societies, as a result of the presence of very great pressure on the man because of his intense fear of failure, which in turn leads to his inability to cope with the situation.

Dr. explained. Qutb that the human mind is divided into two parts, one for emotion and the other for comfort or fluidity, and the relationship falls within the part related to fluidity, but the increase in pressure and anxiety makes the emotion part float on the surface, so the man declares his anger and retreats.

She advised the need for closeness between the spouses before the wedding night, and to stay away from anxiety and tension, and it is preferable to go to a specialist in marital relations who will show the spouses how to get rid of these problems.

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