Draft for the Corona summit: Schools will be closed by February 15, medical masks are mandatory

Draft for the Corona summit

Schools are closed until February 15th, medical masks are mandatory

The wearing of medical masks in public transport and in shops is to become mandatory, according to a draft by the Chancellery for today’s conference of the Prime Minister and Chancellor. The schools are to remain “generally closed” until February 15th.

At today’s video conference between the Prime Ministers and Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Chancellery wants to enforce an extension and tightening of the corona measures. This emerges from a draft for the round, which ntv has.

After that, the applicable measures extended until February 15th will. Private get-togethers should continue to be “permitted among members of the own household and with a maximum of one other person not living in the household”.

That is new Obligation to wear medical masks in public transport as well as in shops. This means “so-called surgical masks or even virus-filtering masks of the KN95 or FFP2 standards”. There is no FFP2 mask requirement as it has been in place in Bavaria since Monday. However, everyday masks will no longer be sufficient for shopping or commuting to work.

The federal and state governments also formulate the goal of “the Contacts in public transport to reduce so that the number of passengers usually does not exceed a third of the regular permissible number of passengers in a means of transport “, so that as a rule, distance can be maintained.

With view on Working in the home office According to the draft, Prime Minister and Chancellor go beyond appeals for the first time. The Federal Ministry of Labor will issue an ordinance, “according to which employers must allow employees to work from home wherever possible, provided that the activities allow it after their thorough examination”. In contrast to the areas of infection protection and schools, the federal government has responsibility here. “For work areas in confined spaces, without adequate ventilation or without sufficient spacing, masks of the FFP2- / KN95 standard should be used,” the draft says.

The draft emphasizes that the operation of Daycare centers and schools is of the highest importance for the education of children and the reconciliation of family and work. However, there are indications to be taken seriously that the mutated coronavirus “is also spreading more among children and adolescents than is the case with the virus known to date”. Therefore the schools are to remain “basically” closed until February 15th. Emergency care will be ensured, distance learning will be offered.

According to the draft, the family ministers and the education ministers of the federal states are also asked to prepare for the time when the incidence falls below a 7-day incidence of 50, to reopen daycare centers, to provide for alternate lessons in elementary schools and in secondary schools in compliance with distance rules Years continue to plan distance learning. This suggests that schools should remain closed as long as this incidence value is not reached.

In Retirement and nursing homes an FFP2 mask is to apply to staff when they come into contact with residents. The draft also emphasizes the importance of the rapid tests for visitors and employees. “It is the responsibility of the institutions to ensure that the test arrangement is fully implemented.” Since there is a lack of personnel in many places, the federal and state governments “started a joint initiative to temporarily bring Bundeswehr soldiers and, in a second step, volunteers to the facilities to carry out extensive rapid tests”.

In countries and counties that “foreseeably” will not be able to reduce the incidence below 50 by February 15, further local or regional measures according to the Infection Protection Act are to be taken below an incidence of 200 “as long and extensive as possible,” in particular Exit restrictions and / or the Limitation of the range of motion to 15 km about the place of residence “. Among other things, this point should trigger discussions in the round of prime ministers.

There is criticism in the draft of the EU Commission, which announced last Friday that it had already promised “far too short-term” Delivery quantities of vaccines cannot be fully adhered to for the next two to three weeks. “The federal and state governments are asking the EU Commission in the negotiations with Pfizer / BioNtech to create clarity and security for further deliveries and delivery dates as quickly as possible by at least the end of the first quarter.”

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