Dramatic Alleged Infidelity and Police Sijin Scandal Unfolds

2024-02-02 20:01:57

In an episode typical of a novel, an alleged case of infidelity came to light involving the partner of a supposed police officer and, apparently, a colleague of his from the Sijín. Two videos that have gone viral on social networks supposedly reveal the moment in which the woman and her alleged lover were ‘caught’ by the man in his own house.

It is not known exactly in which city the events occurred, nor is there certainty that the men are members of the Sijín, but what it seems is that it is in Colombia, probably in Meta. The images, widely disseminated and commented on networks such as X, show what happened in the residence shared by the alleged agent and his wife.

The first video, a little over two minutes long, shows the man recording his partner, alleging that he is being unfaithful with a “Sijín classmate.” The man walks through the living room of his home and the room separated by a curtain, exclaiming: “What a nice companion I have from Sijín!”

“I get home and find my wife with that friend. What a nice companion I have from Sijín, right! Thank you, thank you, how nice. “He who talks a lot, he does little,” he told them while he recorded.

A detail that has caught attention is that the alleged lover, apparently, parked his motorcycle in the living room of the house, as if he were in his own home: “Look, he even keeps the motorcycle in the house.”

Next, the man, a victim of the alleged deception, asks the alleged Sijín agent to leave his house. “What are you waiting for, countryman? For me to leave so you can stay with her? “Start up, my son, I live here.” Surprisingly, the designated ‘waiter’ does not leave, he crosses his arms and remains motionless.

But the plot doesn’t stop there. Later, more recordings emerged in which several police officers apparently arrive at the scene. In these new images, the alleged lover and his motorcycle are no longer present, but another character emerges: a man who could be the woman’s brother.

The second video recorded the moment in which the woman demands that he leave the place and collect all his belongings the next day. However, the allegedly deceived police officer insists on staying.

“Go away, come at five in the morning with your friend’s truck and take the things,” the woman said through tears.

In another video spread on social networks, the wife continues to demand that her partner leave the place.

“Leave with your things or I’ll take them from you, it’s my house,” the woman yelled at him, to which the man responded: “Wait a moment for a car to come and take my things, so that I can continue being happy with whoever you are.” want”.

This case has captured the attention of social media users, who, as always, do not waste this type of controversy to unleash their imagination and use memes to make the case of alleged infidelity viral.

The memes of the case of alleged infidelity in the Police Sijín took over the networks. | Photo: Taken from X Juan Pablo (@JP_HuracanBand)

Internet users used their ingenuity to make hundreds of memes on networks like X. | Photo: Taken from X Ⓚⓘⓡ (@kirjcp)

Memes about the case of alleged infidelity flooded the networks. | Photo: Taken from X another reader (@otro_lector)

Memes from the case of alleged infidelity in the Police Sijín. | Photo: Taken from X Media Verónica (@MediaaVeronicaa)

What is very serious about this same fact, as has also been known on social networks, is that apparently, after the videos, the apparently deceived man violently hit the woman whom he accuses of infidelity. Although he did not record or publish that fact.

According to the complaints, the man attacked the woman in the face and left her very badly injured. Photos of the same event have been spread on networks.

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