Dramatic Showdown: China’s Olympic Football Team Faces Tough Challenge Against Korea in AFC U-23 Asian Cup

2024-04-18 09:48:00

The AFC U-23 Asian Cup match between China and Japan was held on the 16th. At that time, China lost 0-1 despite having a numerical advantage of more than 70 minutes due to expulsion from Japan. AFP = Yonhap News

The Chinese Olympic football team, pushed to the brink, appears to have all but given up on its dream of qualifying for the final phase of the Paris 2024 Olympics. That’s because we meet Korea in a match where we risk losing. ‘be eliminated if we lose. There is also a realistic analysis at the local level that it will be difficult to beat Korea in terms of objective power.

On the 18th (Korean time), Chinese website Sohu.com reported: “Previously, in the match against Japan, China played with one more player for nearly 90 minutes due to the opponent’s expulsion . “Nevertheless, we lost without being able to show effective offensive means to break through the Japanese defense,” he said. “If China does not score a point in the second match against Korea, there is a high chance that they will be eliminated prematurely. However, looking at the overall performance of the first match, it seems very difficult for China to beat Korea.

Previously, China lost 0-1 to Japan in the first match of Group B of the group stage of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-23 Cup 2024, held on 16 at the Jassim bin Hamad Stadium in Doha, Qatar. After conceding the first goal in the 8th minute of the first half, they took the numerical advantage in the 17th minute of the first half thanks to the expulsion of the opposing defender, but finally bowed out without even being able to equalize. In the next match, Korea, led by coach Hwang Seon-hong, defeated the United Arab Emirates (UAE) 1-0. In the middle of Group A, Korea and Japan are tied for first place with 3 points.

From China’s point of view, they need to accumulate at least one point in the second match against Korea, which will take place on the 19th at 10 p.m., in order to aim for a dramatic turnaround in the final match against the United Arab Emirates. Conversely, if they lose to Korea and the UAE also loses to Japan on the same day, China’s chances of making the Olympics disappear completely. The first and second places in each group advance to the quarterfinals, and if Korea and Japan each obtain 6 points, China and the United Arab Emirates will not be able to advance to second place.

The AFC U-23 Asian Cup match between China and Japan was held on the 16th. At that time, China lost 0-1 despite having a numerical advantage of more than 70 minutes due to expulsion from Japan. AFP = Yonhap News

Sohu.com said: “It does not seem difficult for Japan to defeat the UAE in the second match,” and added: “If China also loses to Korea, China’s chances of participating in the Games Olympic Games will disappear. The problem is that Korea might be a tougher opponent than Japan. “That’s because Korea is faster and physically better than China,” he added.

Even in historical records, Korea’s strength is evident. The previous record among U-23 national teams is that Korea has an overwhelming advantage with 12 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses. Last year, Korea won 2-0 in the quarterfinals of the Hangzhou Asian Games, held in Hangzhou, China, and the head coach at the time was Hwang Sun-hong. Korea played a crushing match with a 14-2 advantage in shots taken and an 8-0 advantage in efficient shots. The members of the last qualifiers for these Olympics, including Hwang Jae-won (Daegu FC) and Ahn Jae-jun (Bucheon FC), keep the memory of their victory against China.

If China is eliminated without being able to overcome the Korean barrier, Chinese football will experience another failure after the humiliating elimination of the A team in the 2023 AFC Asian Cup. At that time, the Chinese national team A, who were participating in the Asian Cup, were eliminated winless in three group stage matches without scoring a single goal. Furthermore, even the Olympic team was in danger of being eliminated early in the group stage. Since age restrictions were introduced for men’s football at the Olympics, the only time China competed on the Olympic stage was at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. in which the country participated as host country.

Reporter Kim Myeong-seok [email protected]

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