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“Dream Like a Dream” Qingdao starts to sell aids to earn 500 yuan a day-News

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Xinwang News, May 28 With the official start of the performance of the Yanghua version of “Dream Like a Dream” in Qingdao, the vicinity of the Qingdao Grand Theater really became lively. Because the star Xiao Zhan participated in the performance, the popularity of “A Dream of Dream” nationwide tour of Nine Cities is not diminished, among which Xiao Zhan’s fans have become the “main force” of the audience. Before the official start of the Qingdao show, Xiao Zhan fans hand-knitted 1,005 “rabbit shrimps” to express their support and love for the idol. At the same time, some economically savvy vendors also hope to make a fortune from traffic stars-30 yuan a picture album, 15 yuan a poster, 10 yuan a headdress clip and other support items have attracted many fans. “Buy, buy, buy”.

Fans knit 1005 “rabbit shrimp” to support idols and were led in the morning

It is reported that the first performance of the Yanghua version of “Dream of Dreams” Qingdao Station will start at 2 pm on the 28th. In the morning, many spectators gathered around the Qingdao Grand Theater, most of whom were fans of the star Xiao Zhan. By four o’clock in the afternoon, nearly a hundred people still gathered outside the venue. Except for the audience waiting for the opening of the play, some fans who did not buy tickets were reluctant to leave. Looking forward to seeing Xiao Zhan by chance: “I I didn’t buy a ticket, but I think it’s enough to see him from a distance, or it’s satisfying to be so close to him.”

Outside the theater, large posters can be seen everywhere. The surrounding bus stops were replaced with posters of Xiao Zhan’s performance in “Dream Like a Dream” as early as a few weeks ago. These are the fruits of fans’ support. On the day of the performance, Xiao Zhan’s fans also moved 1,005 hand-woven “rabbit shrimps” to the scene. As long as the Weibo super chat level reaches level 9, they can receive them for free at the scene. “A lot of fans came to collect it early in the morning, most of them were sent out in the morning, and this small part was left on the scene for everyone to take photos. I heard that you can collect them for free after the photos are taken. I want to wait here. “A fan told Xinwang that 1,005 “Rabbit Shrimp” were compiled because Xiao Zhan’s birthday is October 5th, and he chose the rabbit because Xiao Zhan has a pair of rabbit teeth. “These are the ways our fans express their likes. And I hope that we can express our support for idols in the way we can.”

(Source: Xinwang)

After Uemoto’s performance was over, audiences left the venue one after another, “The performance was so good, I was moved and cried. This trip really didn’t come in vain.” Outside the theater, Xinwang met a special flight from Wuhan. Fans who came to watch the show told Xinnet that she didn’t get a ticket for “Dream of Dreams” in Wuhan. This time she finally got a ticket of 1,680 yuan. “Although it is not the best position, it is better than others. I’m very lucky for fans who haven’t bought tickets.”

Selling aids can earn 500 yuan a day, and hotels around the theater have also increased prices

In addition to fans who came to cheer and hope to meet celebrities, there are many vendors near the theater. They carry peripheral products with Xiao Zhan’s name or photos, hoping to make a fortune with the aura of traffic stars.

“The poster is 15 yuan, the cost of the picture album is 30 yuan, the combination suit is 45 yuan, and this kind of clip on the head is 10 yuan each.” Xinwang learned that many of the small vendors are from Qingdao. Undergraduates from local universities, through organizations or individuals, get the goods and then set up a stall outside the theater. Don’t look at these small aids, they are inconspicuous, but they can bring a lot of profits. “You can earn about 500 yuan a day, and students who earn less can get about 100 yuan. We are all working part-time. Those with a fixed salary don’t get much money for three days.” A college student told Xinwang.

(Source: Xinwang)

The “dividends” brought by celebrities do not only rely on the sale of aids to make money. Xinwang noticed that hotels around the Qingdao Grand Theater also quietly increased their prices this weekend. At a homestay diagonally across from the Grand Theatre, the same room type was booked for 618 yuan last weekend, but it rose to 872 yuan this week. The owner of the homestay also said earlier that Xiao Zhan came to Qingdao from the 28th to the 30th. Performances, so hotels and guest houses near the Grand Theatre are likely to be full.

The price of “scalper ticket” drops slightly, the first performance is in good order

When ticketing for the “Dream of Dreams” Qingdao show, Xinwang paid attention to the skyrocketing ticket prices. When the official performance came, there were still “scalpers” among the fans outside the theater, whispering to find out if anyone was asking for tickets. “Lianhuachi 16,000 yuan, you can pay after you go in, and the price can be negotiated.” A scalping “scalper” said that the ticket price on the day of the performance has dropped a little compared with when the ticket was issued, but it is still higher than the nominal price. A lot more expensive. It is understood that the Qingdao show of “Dream of Dreams” implements real-name ticket purchases, and the Qingdao Grand Theater has already issued a reminder that the show did not cooperate with any institution or channel to sell tickets, so how did the “scalper” send people in? What? “I have my way, you don’t have to worry about it. I will send five or six people in the afternoon book.” A “scalper” said.

It is reported that in order to better maintain the order of the scene, the Qingdao Grand Theater has added security personnel at every entrance and exit, and in order to ensure the safety of the performance, the security personnel will be on duty until 12 o’clock in the evening. “Today, the order at the scene was good. Although there were many audiences, there was no overcrowding,” a security officer told Xinwang.Xinwang reporter Yu Xiao Wangtian trainee reporter Dai Huihui Zhang Mingzhen

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