Drought Situation in Wallonia: Updates, Measures, and Water Conservation Tips

2023-07-27 13:48:00

The drought index of the Royal Meteorological Institute indicates that a dry situation continues, according to data collected in Uccle.

Rain has fallen in recent days and a wave of precipitation is expected to continue throughout the weekend, with accumulations of 20 to 30 mm expected in Wallonia. Despite these positive trends and a return to normal, the south of the country is not yet completely out of its drought situation. Indeed, recent rainfall was rather moderate. In addition, the leaves and buds present on the vegetation in summer absorb more humidity than at other times of the year.

The precipitation that Wallonia is currently experiencing therefore makes it possible to moisten the soil and slow down the drop in the levels of groundwater and watercourses, but not to raise it.

In general, the level of dams-reservoirs remains low and their returns limited, in order to preserve drinking water reserves, which are generally good. Regarding groundwater, the level continues to decrease slowly, even if it remains in the low range of previous years.

The production and distribution of drinking water is therefore normally ensured in Wallonia. However, the communes of Stoumont and Rochefort are subject to police orders restricting the use of water, given their supply difficulties. The municipality of Gouvy has, for its part, issued a preventive restriction order, in order to prepare in the event of a greater drought during the summer.

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