Drug War Escalates in Quebec: Gangs Refuse to Pay Hells Angels Tax

2023-09-22 04:00:00

The drug scene is on edge in Quebec, as traffickers no longer want to pay the Hells Angels the 10% “tax” allowing them to sell their drugs in the capital.

“There is a big war in Quebec at the moment,” says without hesitation a police source, who is not authorized to speak to the media.

Our Bureau of Investigation has learned that traffickers affiliated with red street gangs and independents would like to free themselves from the business model established by criminal bikers more than a decade ago.

“They don’t want to pay royalties to the Hells anymore. Nothing,” explains an informant.


According to the theory favored by the police, this situation would arise from a conflict between David “Pic” Turmel, the head of the Blood Mafia Family (or BMF), and Mathieu Pelletier, a member in good standing of the Hells Angels, whose father, Marc, is one of the Hells who founded the chapter of the band in Quebec in 1988.

David “Pic” Turmel, the head of the Blood Mafia Family (or BMF). provided by the SPVQ

Turmel, 27, who is on the run outside the country according to our information, has been wanted by the police since July in the Malsain investigation project in connection with a series of violent crimes.

Murder in Limoilou

This conflict and the non-payment of the tax to the Hells Angels would constitute one of the avenues studied to explain at least three violent events that occurred in Quebec in recent months.

The police would have considered this thesis during the murder of Keven Plante-Ménard, on August 23, in Limoilou. The 25-year-old, who was “stuck” in the world of drugs according to those close to him, allegedly received a gunshot to the chest while he was in his apartment. No arrests have been made in this case.

Other violent crimes are also said to have occurred in connection with this tense situation. Last March, the residence of Mathieu Pelletier was allegedly targeted by bullets, while the car of the rapper Fou furious, whose name is Dominic Simard and who is also a member of the Hells’ school club, the Red Devils, was allegedly set on fire. , at the end of August.

Mathieu Pelletier, member in good standing of the Hells Angels. Photo Courtesy

“Hells Sales Tax”

The rule is that all trafficking networks – whether or not they are run by the Hells Angels – systematically pay a “tax” representing 10% of their revenue to be able to operate in territory controlled by the bikers.

This would be the first time that a gang has dared to clash with the Hells since the end of the biker war, which pitted the “angels of hell” against the Rock Machine for control of the Quebec drug market and which did more 165 deaths between 1994 and 2001.

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The current situation is all the more surprising since our Bureau of Investigation revealed, in the spring, that the Hells Angels exercised “total control” over the drug market in Quebec and that the settling of scores linked to narcotics was then there. rare.

The “Quebec City” chapter, which celebrated its 35th anniversary last May, has become a family business that is passed down from one generation to another, according to police intelligence services.

-With Félix Séguin

Bad idea not to pay

The Hells Angels have never been kind in the past to those who wanted to avoid paying their tax.

In 2019, dealer Francis Turgeon was shot dead in front of his residence because he allegedly refused to pay his fee to the Hells Angels to sell his drugs in Repentigny. The trafficker apparently owed the powerful criminal group some $80,000. In 2016, the two main leaders of the defunct Ontario Nomads chapter of the Hells, Martin Bernatchez and Philippe “Crazy” Boudreault, were shot and injured in attempted murders because they allegedly stopped paying their “rent” while they were were doing business in Quebec.

The Blood Mafia Family (BMF)

The Blood Mafia Family is known to the police as a “red” street gang very active in drug trafficking on the South Shore of Quebec. Its members have close ties with those of the Montreal gang Profits Boys, which authorities identify among the main responsible for the outbreak of armed violence in the northeast of the metropolis since 2019.

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