DSP checks billboards that contain public health messages

In my opinion, anti-vaccination billboards are an attack on the health of our children. The measles epidemic must be a wake-up call for everyone: doctors, authorities and parents. Once again I call for reason and responsibility. (…) Measles is the mildest of the diseases that can affect the health of unvaccinated children.i ”- transmitted Minister Bodog.

After the DSP controls, the initiators of the advertising campaigns, those who sent through the panels messages aimed at public health, without notice, would be identified and sanctioned.

The ministry is mobilizing after Secretary of State Raed Arafat pointed out at the end of December that anti-vaccination panels have appeared in big cities such as Iasi, Cluj and Brasov.
“Vaccines are not safe! Read the package leaflets! Find out! Know the risks!” – it was written on such a sign.

All efforts in recent months to undermine the number of vaccinated children in Romania and prevent tragedies such as the recent period caused by measles, which has had the worst effects on unvaccinated children, are being undermined.“- Raed Arafat transmitted, requesting immediate removal.

Over 12,000 cases of measles and 37 deaths have been registered in Romania since the beginning of the epidemic.

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