Due to the heat, tourists are also fleeing from the Italian Alps. The melting glacier is in danger of collapsing – ČT24 – Czech Television

In the Italian part of the Val Ferret alpine valley, rescuers preventively evacuated about seventy people, including fifty tourists, due to the risk of tearing off part of the Planpincieux glacier. The evacuation was ordered by the mayor of Courmayeur after Wednesday’s meeting with experts who have been monitoring the glacier for a long time. They took similar measures in this locality last year as well.

Up to five hundred thousand cubic meters of ice could allegedly break off, which the Italians compare, for example, with the size of the cathedral in Milan. The evacuation involved about thirty houses and hotels, assisted by police, firefighters, foresters and the local Red Cross. “We will find new accommodation for locals and tourists alike,” Mayor Stefano Miserocchi told ANSA.

According to some glaciologists, Europe has seen the highest decline in glaciers in five years since the measurement began. According to a study by scientists at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg published in June this year, approximately one-sixth of ice has disappeared from alpine glaciers since the turn of the millennium.

Forest fires are raging in Europe

High temperatures also add work to firefighters across Europe. They are fighting large-scale forest fires in several states. Some areas in Italy, France, Spain or Portugal are on fire.

The warning about the 40-degree heat is valid in Great Britain, which is experiencing record temperatures these days due to the flow of air from Africa. Despite the measures due to coronavirus, people went to the beaches in large numbers.

So far, the summer in south-eastern Europe has a milder course. “Due to temperatures of 28 to 35 degrees in popular tourist countries, such as Bulgaria, Croatia or Greece, the authorities are not going to take larger measures yet, because temperatures here are still rather lower than usual,” described a CT collaborator Thomas Kulidakis.

Doctors are reminded of the regular supply of fluids and especially children and seniors are advised to stay in the shade if possible and to avoid greater physical exertion. Due to pandemic measures, they also recommend choosing a suitable drape for the heat. Rather than disposable surgery, more breathable cotton is better.


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