Dutiful Son Suspected Falling into the Valley and Died, Villagers Fired Shots to Accompany the Body

A man in his 40s surnamed Ba in Jialan Village, Jinfeng Township, Taitung County, went up the mountain on the 12th and did not return. His body was found in the valley yesterday evening. The villagers fired shots every half hour to let Ba Nan know that everyone was with him. At noon today, rescuers will The corpse was escorted down the mountain. The gunshot echoed in the valley, telling Ba Nan who was lying quietly on the cliff that the villagers cared about him these days and would take him down the mountain.

The dutiful son was suspected of falling into the valley and died. The villagers fired guns to accompany the body. (Central News Agency)

Lv Guangrong, the patrol captain of Jialan Community, Jinfeng Township, was interviewed by reporters today and said that a man in his 40s is usually very filial, takes care of his demented father for a long time, and has to earn money to support three children. under the age of one.

On the 12th, Ba Nan went up the mountain alone to work in his father’s farmland. His family could not wait for him to return home and could not contact anyone. In addition to calling the police, the Jialan Community Patrol Team immediately mobilized and joined the police in the search. 14 The locomotive he was riding was found in the field at night, but no one was found.

Fan Guowei, head of Taitung County Fire Department Dawu Division, said that the body of Ba Nan was found on the cliff near the farmland yesterday evening. This morning, together with the personnel of the Taiwan International Emergency Rescue Corps, a non-governmental rescue organization, they walked to the accident site for about 2.5 hours and transported the body of Ba Nan. downhill.

Lu Guangrong said that in order to let Ba Nan know that everyone in the tribe cared about him, the youths of the tribe followed the tradition and fired shots every 30 minutes at the scene of the incident to inform the deceased; after that, the rescuers would generally transport them down the mountain to wait for the prosecutor to find out the cause of death.

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