€ 24,550 for a four-color pen set with gold and diamonds

Plated with 50 grams of gold and encrusted with 202 diamonds, this exceptional pen which required 500 hours of work is the object of a collaboration between the artist Richard Orlinski, Bic and the jewelry house Tournaire.

Created in eight copies in the workshops of Savigneux in the Loire, the origin of this four-color pen was explained in Figaro by Mathieu Tournaire, the general manager of the jewelry house: stung at a show where a colleague points out to him that the pen sticking out of his pocket “does not look very classy”, he decides to create one in bronze for personal use.

Today, in addition to the gold and diamond version at € 24,550, two other models have also emerged: one in bronze and the other in gold, sold respectively for € 390 and € 11,500.

The Tournaire jewelry house is accustomed to this kind of “diversion”, since in 2016, it had already “pimped” petanque balls for the Obut brand and made two gold pens, sold at auction for the benefit of the association. The child in the hospital, in 2018.


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