E-car becomes a real disgrace for Toyota – now a drastic step follows

Toyota has massive problems with its first electric car. The bZ4X is developing from a late hope to a medium-heavy nightmare for the traditional Japanese manufacturer. The recall has long been underway, but now Toyota is taking even more drastic measures.

Toyota wants to buy brand new electric cars from customers

Toyota’s entry into the pure electric car market came late with the bZ4X. He should have been all the more successful in order to be able to tear anything at all. But things turned out differently. To initial euphoria among German customers Toyota’s e-SUV is now in bad shape.

The entire model series is currently being recalled: The reason for this is wheel hub bolts that can come loose during certain driving manoeuvres. worst case In such a case, one wheel says goodbye while driving. In the United States, 260 vehicles that have already been delivered are said to be affected by the recall.

German customers are a little luckier: 283 bZ4X are said to have been recalled here since the end of June. They were though not yet delivered to the new owners. The recall affects worldwide Electrek sea 2,700 vehicles – the total sales since the market launch in 2021.

Among other things, Toyota provided the affected US customers with rental cars, offered compensation and distributed vouchers for free charging. Now the manufacturer wants to go even further: Buyers of the bZ4X can simply return the electric car and get the full purchase price refunded – provided the vehicle is in good condition apart from Toyota’s glitch.

First electric car jeopardizes what Toyota has long stood for

By offering a buyback, Toyota is admitting that it serious problems with the electric car are. Otherwise, as is usually the case with recalls, the fault would be rectified and the vehicles would then be returned to the customer.

In the trailer, the problems of the bZ4X are not yet visible:

Toyota shows the concept car bZ4X in a teaser

A small good sign: The problem has nothing to do with the fact that the bZ4X is an electric car. Neither the battery nor the electric motor are to blame. But: The Japanese manufacturer has failed, of all things, in its core competence, quality. Actually, the vehicles of the currently largest car manufacturer in the world are known for their high standards and their longevity. It is all the more bitter for the reputation of the Japanese to fail in this regard.

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