EA’s Inclusive Gaming Tools: Breaking Barriers and Enhancing User Experience

2023-12-02 02:34:22

EA announced that it will continue to use its assistance tools and related technologies to allow players to play games in a more inclusive and barrier-free manner. At the same time, it will also disclose more assistance tool patent resources to the outside world so that more industries can use them to create more user-friendly games. An interface or function for players to conveniently play the game. Among the assistance tools disclosed by EA, IRIS, a light sensitivity analysis tool that can reduce the occurrence of photosensitive epilepsy (PSE), allows game developers to check flickering light sources or rapid light changes in a simple way. Analyze game content for potential light sensitivity issues. This tool is currently used in EA SPORTS’s “Madden NFL 24”, “EA SPORTS FC 24”, and “EA SPORTS WRC”, and there are plans to apply this tool to more visual content. In addition to making IRIS-related code open source, EA will also make tools including automatically taking over player control, adaptive game teaching system, and route navigation system open to the outside world without charging any patent fees, making it easier for players to play games and eliminate In-game related play impairment issues allow players with physical and mental disabilities to play the game smoothly, preventing slow movement and cognitive impairment from affecting their gaming experience. Prior to this, EA has provided assistance tool portals, and Fonttik, which contains text that can automatically identify content, or is used in “Apex Legends” to make it easier for players to distinguish items and characters in the game.
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