Eating fish stalks is on fire! Where is the charm of Zhang Songwen’s improvisation in “Hurricane” to shape the classic lens improvisation? _TOM star

Speaking of one of the most popular TV series in the first half of this year, “Hurricane” should be well-deserved. The popularity of “Hurricane” made the protagonists explode overnight and received unprecedented attention. All kinds of classic shots and Internet hot spots also emerged one after another.As a result, Zhang Songwen, one of the leading actors, has received more attention.Hot topics related to Zhang SongwenOne of them is “Zhang Songwen improvised to eat fish stalks”。

In the seventh episode of “Hurricane”, when the character played by Zhang Songwen was eating fish at a dinner party, he suddenly remembered an interesting stalk and improvised it. He used his fingers instead of fish bones, and kept picking up the “fish meat” with his fingers, making a series of exaggerated and funny movements, and at the same time making “click” and “click” sounds, which made everyone laugh. “eat fish stalks“That’s where it comes from.

In the original play, Zhang Songwen used exaggerated movements and voices to interpret the action of “eating fish” very exaggeratedly. It is not difficult to imagine that in this scene, Zhang Songwen needs to have a high degree of control and adjustment of his body language, expression, movement, voice and other aspects. He needs to adjust his performance rhythm and style at any time by observing the reactions of other actors and the atmosphere of the scene, so as to make the whole scene more vivid and interesting.

This scene not only showsZhang Songwen’s acting skillsHis virtuosity and his sense of humor made people deeply realize the charm of improvisation.

What is improvisation?

Improvisation, also known as improvisation, means that without prior preparation, actors perform and create on the spot according to the requirements of the plot and roles. This style of acting is loved by many actors and audiences, because it is full of surprises and challenges, while also showing the talents and personalities of the actors.

“Hurricane” Plot Introduction

The play is a chronicle of the rise of black and evil forces, detailing the escalation of the illegal growth of black and malignant tumors, a memoir of the resolute struggle to eradicate evil, and a group portrait narrative spanning 20 years to present black and white under the changing times in a panoramic manner Competition and complex human nature.

In 2000, the high-spirited criminal policeman An Xin (played by Zhang Yi) met Gao Qiqiang (played by Zhang Songwen), a bullied fishmonger. Later, as Gao Qiqiang gradually deviated from the right path, An Xin realized that behind the social development of Jinghai City is the The undercurrent of the evil forces headed by the Gao brothers was turbulent, and the two parted ways and started a 20-year battle between good and evil. In 2021, under the background of the normalization of anti-crime and evil across the country, the central supervision team made a thunderous attack, and Anxin cooperated with the special case team to thoroughly investigate the powerful criminal gangs and the umbrellas behind them.

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