Eating warns that regulations on renting premises only benefit large landlords

State trade associations warn that the regulations approved this week by the Spanish government on the rental of premises continue to benefit large landlords. The decree law, published this Wednesday, seeks reduce the cost of rent by 50% of the premises if the landlord and the tenant do not reach a prior agreement. The regulations only affect spaces that are owned by large holders, that is, those that they own more than 10 properties or an area exceeding 1,500 square meters. According to the associations, the regulations “grant advantages to large landlords” and do not compensate for losses due to restrictions. In this sense, the sector proposes the payment of a variable rent based on sales.

In the statement issued this Thursday – signed by Cometia, Amicca and Eurelia – the different associations emphasize that the retail companies they feel “completely unprotected and helpless“in the face of regulations that” abandon most organized trade, catering and services companies. “They also acknowledge that the sector is” outraged “by regulations that do not include the injection of direct aid and are limited to” giving benefits to large landlords “.

On the other hand, associations also remember that the establishments they are in shopping centers they must continue to pay the community or maintenance expenses, which have not been affected by the new regulations.


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