Ebelin Ortiz denies Magaly Medina about ‘Magnolia Merino’: “When they called me, she wasn’t even on trial” | series | Michelle Alexander | entertainment | SHOWS

Magaly Medina opened the program with the recent interview of Ebelin Ortiz to the Carlos Orozco channel, where his most controversial role in recent years was remembered, ‘Magnolia Merino‘ from the series of the same name. According to the popular ‘magpie’, this character would have been inspired by part of her life.

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The actress would be justifying her participation, according to the entertainment journalist. “When to me, Michelle Alexander calls me, not even she (Magaly) was on trial and we had already made that line. It’s not simply that ‘Oh, they put it on and, poor thing, me being in jail, the series came out’”he indicated.

The responsibility is not mine and probably not Michelle Alexander’s, but rather the head of programming for Latin frequency of that time. Why doesn’t he tell the whole truth. The problem is not me, but Latina”, he added.

In the same way, the interpreter of “Piel canela” assured that she loved having worked in the production of Michelle Alexander and that she does not regret anything. I am proud of all the things I do. The characterization was super, the character was super, I found myself having fun. It’s like ‘we’re patches’”he pointed.

Ebelin Ortiz remembers ‘Magnolia Merino’ and Magaly Medina gets upset.

What did Magaly Medina say about ‘Magnolia Merino’ and Ebelin Ortiz?

The driver was not silent before the actress’s interview. “Very funny to want to deny something that was obvious (…) QThey tried to recreate my life and they wanted to undermine my credibility, image and reputation, it was a shameless use of my image that they wanted to capitalize on and they did not succeed”, he indicated,

“And now an actress comes out to say that it was hilarious, to begin with, you would have objected to that role and the circumstances in which they did sohe added.

When was ‘Magnolia Merino’ released?

Michelle Alexander’s series premiered in December 2008, just a few months after Magaly Medina was imprisoned for the Paolo Guerrero case.


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