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2024-04-11 22:08:36

Echo Thrills, a solo project by Oskar Jennefors, a producer from Stockholm, Sweden, has released his new single ‘Sunshine’, which was released on Superbloom on April 10th!

A pleasant song with a groove full of psychedelic soul atmosphere.

I thought he was the type of person who creates production and rarely plays live, but that’s not the case at all.In fact, he seemed to be a really good live band. Check out the performance video for their December single ‘Temptation’ below.

Echo Thrills – Temptation (Live at Studio Skogsbacka)

“This euphoric track isn’t just music; it’s a reminder of the joy found in love. ‘Sunshine’ is a radiant melody crafted for lovers seeking a gentle nudge to revel in the happiness of their connection. Whether you’re basking in solitary introspection or sharing a serene moment with a special someone in the park, ‘Sunshine’ wraps you in its warmth, offering solace and serenity.”

This euphoric track is more than just music. ‘Sunshine’ is a radiant melody created for lovers looking for a gentle push to bask in the happiness of their connection. Whether you’re alone in self-reflection or sharing a peaceful moment with your loved ones in the park, ‘Sunshine’ will envelope you in warmth, providing comfort and peace.

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