EcoTerra and Algorand: The Top Green Crypto-Projects to Invest and Protect the Environment

2023-06-04 04:37:18

Today, it is probably not a question for few people that environmental protection and the creation of a sustainable, circular economy are the cardinal tasks of both companies and individuals.

During the previous years, the number of extreme weather phenomena has increased to an incredible extent, and according to all indications, this process will only accelerate.

Even up until now, the projects that were able to contribute to the creation of a sustainable and balanced economy in the long term were extremely important. Of course, we can discover more and more projects of this kind in the crypto sector as well.

Thanks to blockchain technology, green crypto-projects can be scaled extremely easily, and at the same time, they allow users to be constantly rewarded. And the latter is a particularly important feature, since most people, due to a lack of adequate knowledge or will, ignore the ever-increasing environmental protection challenges.

In our article, you can learn about two initiatives that help you not only protect the environment, but also make a profit.


It would be hard to find a more exciting and innovative project than that ecoland. The developers not only realized how big a problem global warming is, but also offer a solution to the biggest challenge in history.

What’s more, what makes Ecoterra really special is that they do it all with an easily accessible and easily scalable ecosystem.

Thanks to this, it may happen that Ecoterra’s rise to prominence in the coming years may be quite unprecedented. This is precisely why investors should take action as soon as possible, before the value of $ECOTERRA coins starts to rise dramatically after the soon-to-be-listed listing.

In this regard, many experts are of the opinion that the tenfold increase cannot be exhausted after the listing of $ECOTERRA coins.

Ecoterra rewards and educates at the same time

What makes Ecoterra’s system truly unique is that it will be able to reward and educate $ECOTERRA coin holders at the same time.

The most important part of Ecoterra is undoubtedly the project’s mobile application. With this, it will be possible to conveniently recycle products in seconds Collect $ECOTERRA coins.

In practice, it looks like users can check the products they want to return before recycling. This can be done in seconds by scanning the product’s barcode.

After that, take the products with a return machine, and then take a photo of the received invoice. Finally, Ecoterra’s system will transfer the earned $Ecoterra coins to our account according to the redemption rate.

ecoterra recycle to earn token

However, that’s not all!

Since environmental protection is of utmost importance to the Ecoterra team, the team also wants to reward those who have already taken steps to create a sustainable economy.

If you have a solar panel and use the mobile application to scan your current bill, you will also have the opportunity to purchase the project’s native tokens.

The question may legitimately arise as to what to do with the hard-to-collect $ECOTERRA coins.

First of all, you will be able to view your ‘Impact profile’ within the mobile application. Through this, it will be easy to check how many products you returned, what happened to the returned products, and how much positive impact your efforts had on the environment.

In addition, you can use the tokens at your disposal in different ways through the carbon dioxide emission marketplace. For example, you can use them to buy carbon credits, support NGOs or forest plantations, or even buy educational videos.

Ecoterra will also have another marketplace created primarily for companies. And through these, different manufacturers will have the opportunity to buy different materials directly from recycling companies with the help of Ecoterra’s system.

ecoterra team

In other words, you will be able to follow how the recycled materials become a new product.

Not worth missing

As you can see, Ecoterra has incredible opportunities for investors. This is exactly why it might be worth buying native tokens during the presale.

During the pre-sale, $4.6 million has already been collected, and according to the signs, $ECOTERRA will be listed soon. For the purchase, you can use Ethereum, Tether (USDT) or a bank card. use.

To join, just connect your crypto wallet to the pre-sale interface, then enter how many coins you want to buy.

If you want to learn more about the exciting world of Ecoterra, visit the project’s website today!

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Check out EcoTerra

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Check out EcoTerra


If you are looking for other green investments in addition to Ecoterra, Algorand could be a perfect choice.

Thanks to MIT professor Silvio Micali, Algorand is the first blockchain to be carbon negative. In addition, thanks to the simple scalability and flexibility of the blockchain, the project has gained enormous popularity.

So much so that Algorand is currently the 43rd largest crypto by market share.

algorand crypto 1

Moreover, it is no exaggeration to say that Algorand is one of the most popular layer-1 blockchain networks.

Algorand is based on a very special mechanic. A part of the income received during the transactions will be automatically used for the purchase of carbon credits. The amount of the purchase has been set by the developers so that it is always a little larger than the ecological footprint of the network.

In other words, Algorand users can continuously do something for the environment while using the network.

In addition, the Algorand investment is not the least.

algorand arfolyam jun3

Although the coin’s price dropped after its listing price of over $3 in 2019, it later rose above $2 again during the crypto fever of 2021.

Over the past 30 days, the value of the tokens has decreased by a total of 15%, but due to the upcoming bull run, a significant increase can certainly be expected.

If you want to buy from the coins, thanks to the huge market capitalization of the project, you can get the tokens on virtually any crypto exchange.

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