Sport Edinson Cavani at Atlético de Madrid? A dilemma for...

Edinson Cavani at Atlético de Madrid? A dilemma for PSG


The divorce between PSG and Edinson Cavani seems inevitable. As Leonardo said on Sunday evening after the Coupe de France match against Lorient, the Parisian striker “wants to leave, we are listening.” Will the Uruguayan leave the capital this winter? Everything will depend on the final offer from Atlético de Madrid.

VIDEO. Leonardo: “Cavani asked to leave …”

Why does he want to leave?

He saw himself going to the end of his contract. He would not have been, moreover, opposed to an extension at PSG. But the first part of the season and the interest of Atlético de Madrid turned the tables. Wounded, doubled by Mauro Icardi in the hierarchy, the Uruguayan believes privately that he lacks consideration. This “on” follows the contours of Thomas Tuchel, the coach. Their relationship has deteriorated in recent months. El Matador no longer feels confident with the technician who, according to him, would hold a double speech, laudatory in public, with internal piped competition. He is the top scorer in club history and expected a more glorious end, more in keeping with this status he acquired under the eyes of Ultras who sing and revere him.

In addition to the disenchantment, there is now an ambitious revival project with Madrid’s insistence on recruiting him. Cavani sees it now. He only thinks about it, even. “Edinson has never disappointed since joining the club. He became legend, he is an idol of the club. With him, you have to be corrected, summarizes Luis Fernandez, former midfielder and coach of PSG. If he wants to leave, it is because the club has not given him enough desire to stay, in particular by putting him aside. “

Does PSG want to sell it?

Paris no longer closes the door. At the beginning of January, a decision seemed to have been taken: no sale this winter, keep this workforce where all positions are doubled. But the will to leave Cavani and economic imperatives led the club to change its position.

VIDEO. PSG: towards a departure from Cavani?

Still monitored by financial fair play, Paris must pay attention to everything. Recovering more than 10 million euros – the PSG hopes between 15 and 20 for its attacker -, saving a few monthly payments of the third biggest salary behind Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, all this matters, weighs at the time of choices and while the attacker will leave for free this summer. Paris is not obliged to sell it but may ultimately find it of interest, at least economically.

Does PSG have an interest in letting go?

From a sporting point of view, PSG cannot be stronger without Cavani. A goal scorer of this size, who still has three good seasons ahead of him, is a rare commodity. Despite everything, without him, the PSG found solutions (Icardi). Without the possibility of lining that it offers today, the team can put forward other men (Julian Draxler) or change their system (return to a three-element attack).

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In terms of image, losing Cavani can, however, be expensive. An exfiltration during the winter transfer window would not be worthy of the memory that Cavani already leaves in Paris, who loves him. Sometimes perceived as a club where business reigns above values, this exit through the back door would not improve its reputation.

Last pitfall: Paris and Atlético can find themselves this season in the Champions League. Imagine that the striker eliminates PSG would create a new trauma in the capital, accustomed to road trips more ridiculous than each other in the last three seasons.


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