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Eduin Caz felt this for playing in the Zócalo CDMX: sad and disappointed

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It seems that the Attendance record set by Grupo Firme last September 25 at the Zocalo of the city of mexicoby meeting a 280 thousand peoplewas not enough to fulfill Eduin Caseleader and vocalist of the group, who even made himself felt on his social networks where He claimed to be “sad and disappointed” after said presentation.

What did Eduin Caz say about the Grupo Firme concert in Zócalo CDMX?

Although the vocalist of Grupo Firme did not detail what caused his disappointment, he did hint that much had to do with the criticism that was launched at the eventadded to the fact that the musician mentioned that many of these they came from the Mexicans themselves.

I feel sad and disappointed, because one is a good personis not bad and everything I do is in good faith, and almost the majority that they threw because they are Mexicans, what fart, dude?, what hurts them?”, he indicated Eduin Case during a de Instagramwhere he showed his face of discontent.

Representative of Grupo Firme, in the same tone

Isael Gutierrezrepresentative of Firm Groupalso took advantage of his social networks to write a long message that followed the same tone of feeling of Eduin Caz; He even suggested that It is time to change the mentality of Mexicans and invited them to be more united and support each other.

“It is time to change from uniting and demonstrate that Mexico is a successful country and born creator of leading peoplethat the one who proposes it manages to improve himself and achieve success […] Let’s remove the stigma that the worst enemy of a Mexican is another Mexican“, wrote Gutiérrez.

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