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2023-06-12 02:17:06

We will transfer to you, through the Egyptian Directory website, this exclusive topic, the movie Ashab Wal Ezz 2022, full HD, and this news, we will discuss its full details on this topic as follows..

Watch Ashab Wal Ezz 2022 full movie, YouTube, in HD

The story of the movie Friends or Glory 2022:

The film revolves around a group of seven friends who meet for dinner, and decide to play a game where everyone puts their mobile phones on the dinner table, provided that all new messages or calls are in full view of everyone. What was initially fun and interesting game soon turns into a barrage of scandals and secrets that no one, including the closest friends, knew about.

The heroes of the movie “Friends and Glory”:

Nadine Labaki, Mona Zaki, Iyad Nassar, Diamond Bou Abboud, Adel Karam, George Khabbaz

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