Egypt..Two naked bodies were found inside an apartment, and the accused is the “silent killer”

A man and a woman were killed by “gas suffocation” inside an apartment, in a neighborhood of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, on the first day of Ramadan, according to “local media.”

The security authorities received a report stating that a gas leak had occurred inside a property in the Al-Maasra neighborhood in Cairo.Masrawy“.

And the competent authorities moved to the property, to find two naked bodies, a man and a woman, after they died as a result of gas suffocation.

Preliminary investigations published by the newspaper revealed “Egyptian todayThere is no criminal suspicion, and that the man and the woman died of suffocation on the first day of Ramadan, as a result of gas leakage in the bathroom and lack of oxygen, and it was found that the two had an “illegal” relationship.

Carbon monoxide is “an odorless, colorless, and impossible-to-see poisonous gas” that can kill a person exposed to it before they realize it is in the home, according to “US Environmental Protection Agency“.

Carbon monoxide is called the “silent killer,” and it is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that erupts when burning gasoline, wood, propane, coal, or other fuels, according to the website.Mayo Clinic“.

Car engines, charcoal grills, indoor heating systems, and natural gas water heaters are some of the sources of emissions of the “silent killer.”

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