“El Chavo del 8” | Carlos Villagrán recalled his last talk with Ramón Valdés: “Losing Don Ramón was very painful for me” | Quico | Instagram | Chespirito

The relationship between Quico and Mr Ramon It was thorny: “rabble”, the first called the second, after the widower who owed 14 months of rent gave him the bumps and pinches. But in real life, behind the scenes of the Chespirito program, actors Carlos Villagrán and Ramon Valdes they maintained a strong friendship.

This is how he recently recalled it Villagrán, in conversation with Carmen Valdes, daughter of the actor who died in 1988. Through a live broadcast of Instagram, the Mexican interpreter recalled his last meeting with Ramón Valdés.

It happened before the popular Quico traveled to Bolivia and Peru for work reasons. Then he went to the hospital where his colleague was hospitalized. “I saw him very thin and I already saw that he had very little time left. So I hugged him and started crying. To which he said to me: ‘Now, don’t cry cachetón. I’ll wait for you there’. I say to him: ‘Over there with the Lord?’ ‘Don’t be silly: down there’, he replied”, He said with a laugh.

Already more serious, Villagrán He recounted the moment when they gave him news of the death of his friend. “That day I was very sad. Although I expected it, when the news reaches you you already know that it is official. Then I got a picture of him. I was sitting there, I was watching him and I was speechless … And remembering so many and so many, and so many things that happened. Losing Don Ramón was very painful for me”He recalled.


Friendship between Villagrán and Valdes it was forged out of mutual admiration. For the 76-year-old actor, the popular Don Ramón “was the master of ‘timing’, he brought it to the surface”. “We have all learned from him, he was our teacher”, He pointed.

In that sense, commitment to the program was fireproof. AND Valdes he was lucky that he just had to put on a hat for his characterization to be ready. “Don Ramón, outside and inside, was Don Ramón. It was great, because he arrived and as he was, he presented himself”, He revealed.

Among the many anecdotes, Villagrán He told Carmen Valdés that when they went on tour to different countries in Latin America, they were immediately recognized. She even dared to say that on one occasion, when they were returning from Chile, a boy slapped a Mr Ramon on the plane. “He wakes up believing that the ship was falling. And the baby’s father, laughing, tells him. ‘He is imitating Dona Florinda’. Your dad wanted to eat it, ”he said with a laugh.

Also, at the request of the daughter of Ramón Valdés, the remembered Quico evoked an anecdote that took place in a hotel:

“When we were on tour, Don Ramón and I almost always played in the same room, because we also asked for it. We got along very well. So, your dad woke up first, went into the bathroom and started brushing his teeth. I wake up, I see him and he says to me: ‘What time does this taste come out?’ And when I look, he was washing a hemorrhoid ointment “.


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