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Vinicius Jr.figure of Real Madridwould have been intimidated by the program ‘The Play Bar‘ after going out to lament racism in football as a result of statements that have been condemned in Spain and the world.

MIRA | Vinicius Jr.’s message after the victory against Atlético de Madrid

The information was revealed this Tuesday by Iñaki Angulo, a journalist specializing in the news of the merengue team. “If you take that video out, we’re going to tear you apart.”, a collaborator of the Mega chain space would have pointed out to the striker. This was also confirmed by ESPN Brazil.

The controversy surrounding Vinícius’ celebrations on the pitch took a new turn last week after some statements were interpreted as a racist insult.

Pedro Bravo, president of the Spanish Association of Soccer Agents (AEAF), stated in ‘El Chiringuito’ about the Brazilian’s celebrations that “you have to respect your colleagues and stop acting like a monkey”.

The use of the word mono was interpreted as a racist message, repeating an insult that black players, such as Vinícius, are often victims of in football stadiums.

Although Bravo apologized, recalling that in Spain the expression is used to talk about people who “they do nonsense”, his intervention motivated reactions of support for the player from different personalities, as well as from Real Madrid.

Vinícius himself also reacted with a message against racism. Then a reaction would have been generated from the program where the unfortunate statements were broadcast. However, from the program they categorically denied having pressured the footballer. “It is a lie that we have threatened Vinicus”, said Josep Pedrerol, driver, in a message to the followers of El Chiringuito through social networks.

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