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The Greek scientist Archimedes said that if I give him a place to stand and a lever to apply, I can move the earth itself. What Lionel Messi has achieved at the Lusail Stadium is a place to stand and the ball at his feet. 64th minute of the game against Mexico. The fans were worried seeing Argentina’s victory go so far. Coach Lionel Scoloni’s wrinkled face.

Meanwhile, the Mexican defense was united? Just outside the box, Messi took the ball from Angel Di Maria in the first touch. Nilampate’s shot went between the legs of the Mexican players and over the outstretched arms of goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa and into the net. The roar of Argentina fans around the world must have moved the earth!

Mexican blunder

The strategy used by Argentina to overcome the Mexican players who lined up Messi in the first half – pull Messi back a little more. Messi later played like a central midfielder. Messi’s game for a while was only receiving and distributing the ball from the defensive line. Messi’s absence from the finals has eased the Mexican players’ vigilance.

Their focus was on Di Maria, who ran down the wing, and Lautaro Martinez, who was a threat in the box. With that, Mexico made the biggest mistake they could have made against Argentina. Give Messi space. No one was anywhere near Messi when he got the ball right behind d’Arc. That seemingly innocuous moment spelled Mexico’s fate. Argentina’s too!

The changes worked

Scaloni fielded the team with 5 changes from the team that lost against Saudi. In defense, the arrival of Lisandro Martinez boosted Argentina; McAllister’s presence in midfield will be solid. Montiel and Acuña’s constant movement of the ball on the wings increased the pace of the game, but Argentina could not even give a hint of danger in the Mexican penalty box in the first half. Mexico had the best chance before the break. In the 45th minute, Alexis Vega’s accurate free kick had not been saved by Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez!


With victory, Argentina can now decide its own future. If they win the next match against Poland, the knockout is guaranteed. Even a draw is possible. The Saudi Arabia-Mexico match must be a draw or Mexico must win by less than four goals. But the biggest challenge awaits Argentina in the pre-quarters. If they finish second in the group, they will be the first-placed opponents in Group D – most likely France. The memories of running in front of Kylian Mbappe in the last World Cup are sure to catch them!

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