Elden Ring presented at Xbox conference in March: Microsoft denies | Xbox one

This week we were talking about a possible Xbox event in March and at the same time, another rumor began to flourish on the web with an upcoming presentation of Elden Ring. Some could easily imagine that the game would be shown at this hypothetical Xbox conference, but it will not be.

Xbox event in March + Elden Ring, end of story

If you haven’t followed all the Xbox news this week on Xboxygen, there was therefore talk of a Microsoft event dedicated to gaming that could take place on March 23. Entitled “What’s new for gaming”, it could lift the veil on certain medium-term projects of the Xbox brand.

Last week we discovered the Elden Ring provisional PEGI classification, often a necessary step before an official communication and an approaching exit. More recently, journalist Jeff Grubb said in son podcast that news of Elden Ring should arrive in March, which Jason Schreier seemed to confirm by also referring to his side of an appearance of the game soon.

It would then be easy to link the two rumors to each other, but Aaron Greenberg, Xbox Marketing Manager at Microsoft, has just put an end to it before the runaway hits the web.

Just to redefine expectations: it won’t happen. There are always things we have in the pipeline, but nothing coming soon that would feature game announcements or world premieres like this.

Aaron Greenberg does not deny that things are brewing on the Xbox side, but he therefore claims that Elden Ring will not be presented at Xbox anytime soon. The action / RPG from FromSoftware and George RR Martin announced at E3 2019 should therefore show up soon, but not at Xbox. Note also that Aaron Greenberg also specifies that no game announcement or “world premiere” like this one will arrive “soon”.

Despite 290 articles posted on Xboxygen in February, it was nonetheless a quiet month. As every year, it is truly in March that the festivities resume at all publishers. Sony and Nintendo have already offered a first event this year, and all that remains for Xbox to announce its own.

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