Elections 2022: Why were the votes of Surco and Los Olivos key to the victory of Rafael López Aliaga in Lima? | JNE | ONPE | Daniel Urresti | Popular Renewal | ECData | POLITICS

Lopez Aliaga obtained 102 thousand votes (almost 65 thousand more than his district candidate) in Groovea district where the crossed vote was imposed in favor of Carlos Bruce (Avanza País) as mayor.

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In none of the other districts where People’s Renewal beat Podemos, so much difference was obtained. The one that follows is San Borja, where he took almost 37 thousand votes from Urresti.

In the olive treesit was thought that We can would sweep because they had a strong district candidate —Felipe Castillo ended up winning— and because Urresti He had been manager of Citizen Security.

“Los Olivos is the most consolidated district, with a little more than sector B, within northern Lima. With better indicators of socioeconomic level. Their demands may be related more to medium-sized entrepreneurs than to security”indicated Hernán Chaparro, researcher and professor at the University of Lima.

Guillermo Loli, manager of Opinion Research at Ipsos, argued that Urresti ended up “caricature” and “mistreatment” of his security message. “While Lopez Aliagaon the outskirts, opted to activate Castañedista memory with proposals on water, stairs and solidarity hospitals”, Loli pointed out.

For Chaparro, there is a certain popular sector that is linked to Lopez Aliaga on the side of the successful businessman, to which he has added his “client logic that helped him connect in the campaign”.

The problem now for Lopez Aliaga is that he was elected with the least representative percentage of votes in the last 40 years. Chaparro indicated that the disaffected public with respect to politics is looking for results, and the first thing it will ask for is order, both in security and in transportation.

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