Electronic Arts founds a new studio on the occasion of Skate 4

Announced in the summer of last year, Skate 4 It was one of the great news that Electronic Arts left in 2020. A long-awaited title like this should have a great team behind it, and that is precisely what the North American company must have thought. And now we know that Electronic Arts founds a new studio on the occasion of Skate 4. His name is Full Circle and joins EA Sports and Respawn Entertainment as EA’s third developer in Vancouver, Canada. So has made known the VentureBeat portal, which has also offered additional details about this new study and its head.

Thus, the general manager of Full Circle will be Daniel McCulloch, former head of Xbox Live. These were his first words as supervisor of the team in charge of the development of Skate 4: “The fans wanted Skate to exist again, and we want that they feel involved in the process from development to game release and beyond. We want you to feel part of Full Circle. Our goal is to have fun and create great games that people want to play with their friends. And we are looking for more developers to help us build attractive worlds for players to explore. “

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In that sense, Full Circle has brought together two of the main managers of the franchise for the development of Skate 4: Deran Chung and Cuz Parry. In a joint statement they have indicated that with their return “the circle has been closed”, making a play on words with the name of the study. Now we just have to wait for the recently founded company to start shaping this highly anticipated video game to be able to share news about the project in the future. We will be attentive to the next movements of Full Circle, the new studio of Electronic Arts.

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