Elie Semoun, censored twice on Instagram, attacks “the tyranny of stupidity”

Elie Semoun at the Deauville Festival, in September 2016. – CHARLY TRIBALLEAU / AFP

Quite angry, Elie Semoun published a text this Wednesday on
Twitter. In question ? The social network Instagram has twice deleted a video of the comedian, published on January 2, and in which he appears facing the camera.

“I would like to apologize after the Portuguese, black, Muslim and Jewish community, I slipped, I did not pay attention to what I wrote, I did not want to disrespect, but really I’m sorry, my humor, it has gone too far ”. Leaving his contrite air, he smiles again before letting go: “There, if I slip up in 2021, I’m armored, I’m secure, there is no problem, I have already apologized in advance. There, hi PD! Before apologizing to the homosexual community.

“I no longer understand anything at this time of stuck people”

He reacted to the removal of this video on Twitter. “This is the first time, I who did sketches on homosexuals, the disabled, pedophiles, death, jihadists, the hospital, the elderly, the Jews, the Arabs, the Portuguese and what- I still, that one censures me for a video where precisely I make fun of the ridiculous and the pathetic to have to apologize for that ”, he was amazed online.

“I no longer understand anything at this time of stuck up and psychorigides and morons who take everything at face value. The tyranny of stupidity invades us. I will continue to do what I have always done: unformatted humor, ”he concludes. Nearby Parisian, he explains that he wanted to show solidarity with Norman who apologized after a sketch on blacks.

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