Elon Musk shared his unusual character upgrade in Elden Ring, with which he kills all the bosses


Upgrading character stats in Elden Ring and choosing weapons is one of the most key aspects of a hardcore game, allowing you to kill bosses faster. Gamers still create detailed guides on the most effective pumping of the hero and the assembly from Elon Musk stands out against the background of them. The billionaire on the social network shared his unusual build for Elden Ring, with which he successfully passes the game.

Musk did not focus on melee or ranged combat, he prefers versatility. According to him, for the passage of Elden Ring, he is used by a battle mage. With an impressive array of spells, he uses a sturdy shield and a fast rapier, sometimes switching to claws.

Most of all, the Mask likes to use various long combinations of blows, so in battle he focuses on medium armor, fast weapons and talismans that increase agility. Despite this, the billionaire quite often changes his equipment to heavier ones, and takes protection in talismans.

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