Embracing Ourselves: Maite Perroni Defends Her Body and Motherhood

2023-09-27 00:02:00

For many of Maite Perroni’s followers, it has been easy to criticize her when seeing her at RBD presentations with extra kilos, but recently the singer gave birth to her first daughter whom she called ‘Lía’, which may be the reason for seeing a little fuller than usual. The Mexican reacted after those derogatory messages against her.

Maite Perroni defends herself

The actress also took advantage of the occasion and expressed:

“I have a lot of extra kilos and what does it matter? In the end we have to embrace ourselves and accept ourselves as we are, as human beings in our processes and in our moments,” said the singer.

Likewise, he assured that there is nothing better than giving life. “It doesn’t matter if you’re more chubby. In life we ​​go through different stages and we have to accept what we are. “We live in a world filled with so many stereotypes and many believe that we should follow everything that is established,” she added.

Internet users support the artist

When making this interview public, fans of the band that has become a global phenomenon, wrote:

“I loved Maite too much when she talked about weight, fish markets and tires… she looks beautiful and the people are h0c1c0n@” frustrated talking about fat or skinny in the middle of 2023, they are sad. She looks happy and precious now as a mother and in this reunion.”

“So much wisdom in Maite’s words, what difference does it make that she is not so thin? She looks beautiful. The important thing is that she is healthy. The same for Dul: beautiful women, let them move forward without fear.”

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“Maite is so pretty, she enjoys her motherhood and she also looks beautiful! Her face is still the same, natural.”

“Maite is beautiful, because she is simply truly beautiful in soul, what she transmits is impressive,” are some of the comments from Internet users.

For now, the famous woman continues to enjoy each presentation and shows that at this moment in her life the only thing she wants is to be happy.

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