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A member of the Dental Syndicate, Dr. Emily Hayek, announced her candidacy for the position of the Dental Syndicate in Beirut, in a press conference held today at twelve o’clock in the Press Club building – Furn El Chebbak.

Dr. Emily Hayek, a member of the Dental Syndicate, announced her candidacy for the position of the Dental Syndicate in Beirut, in a press conference held at twelve o’clock in the Press Club building – Furn El Chebbak.

Hayek said in her speech:

My dear colleagues, dear dentists,

Our country, Lebanon, is witnessing crises, difficult conditions and the worst economic distress in decades. We regret that most of the unions, which are the main engine in society, did not move to object to the reality of living, especially the Dental Syndicate in Beirut. These conditions were supposed to make the unions the spearhead of reform and social demands.

The health and economic crises have burdened the dentist over the past two years, prompting many doctors to close clinics and migrate in search of work and a dignified life.

Dentists are in dire need today for a syndicate that raises their voice, demands their rights, preserves their interests and preserves the profession.

Dentists are in dire need today of a union that will be the reference and support during crises and difficult times.

This requires a solid composition of the union in its management, especially in the union’s finances. And when we talk about the syndicate’s finances, we’re talking about money and savings belonging to the doctors, all the doctors.

The Dental Syndicate in Beirut has suffered in the past, near and far, from neglect, chaos, and corruption in the administration, which made it a microcosm of the state.

It was necessary to start a revolution against the unfortunate reality from within the union. It is the revolution of every dentist who rejects the old approach existing in the Beirut Dental Syndicate, and aspires to break away from the status quo and elevate union work to better levels worthy of the profession.

It was a revolution for my union from within my union.

My revolution is a real will for serious work, and to restore trust between doctors and the union.

My revolution started since I assumed the presidency of the Finance Committee in early 2019 when I discovered that there was no financial system in the Syndicate.

My revolution began when I discovered the financial chaos and fundamental errors in accounting, especially the tax on interest collected in banks, which was recorded at a value of 27% instead of 7% for the year 2018/2019, and with a value of 29.6% instead of 6% for the year 2017/2018.

My revolution began with the discovery of restrictions in transfers, checks, bank interest, and interest tax, which did not match my bank statements.

My revolution lasted the day all this financial chaos was presented to the Syndicate Council in the form of a financial offer and through a lecture in which I shed light on the suspicious numbers registered in the union’s records. This presentation resulted in 103 reform recommendations.

My revolution began when I sent a warning letter to the president and the union council, in which I explained the seriousness of the financial situation in the union and the need to re-establish accountability. However, the president and the council did not take the issue seriously, despite its danger to the future of our union.

Accordingly, based on my responsibility as chair of the Finance Committee, and in view of the inaction of the President and the Council to address the financial file of our union, I have no choice but to go to the judiciary. She filed a lawsuit before the competent court since September 2020. The case is under follow-up.

My revolution continued when I faced and rejected in the past few weeks, during several sessions of the Syndicate Council, repeated attempts to approve amendments to the financial restrictions for the year 2018/2019, which were raised for the first time by the auditor in the month of 5-2020, and re-introduced for the second time in the month of 6-2021, It included incorrect figures, specifically with regard to the tax on bank interest, as it is still 18.8% instead of 7% after the amendment.

My revolution continued by confronting me with many attempts to submit these amendments to the General Assembly, and they include canceling the suspicious restrictions without any explanation for those numbers or a document proving their existence. Any attempt to raise and approve these amendments in the General Assembly is considered a double crime, committed twice against the doctors’ money, as they are asked to vote and approve the corruption in the Syndicate, and to discharge their liabilities in blank.

It is the honesty that I have carried through my responsibility as chair of the Finance Committee, rejecting the old, dark approach of the union.

my colleagues, my colleagues,

The upcoming elections are a time for real change. Sadiq’s endeavor to present a new model for the union, a true representative union, pulsing with dynamism and life, raising the level of productivity and leading to positive repercussions in society.

From here, I announce the candidacy for the position of President of the Dental Syndicate in Lebanon – Beirut in the 2021 session, hoping to gain the trust of doctors.

He announced cooperation with some of Lebanon’s finest doctors to form a homogeneous team that would enter the union and achieve the desired goals.

working group, where:

There is no place for favoritism – there is a place for efficiency.

There is no place for prestige, but for serious work and the service of doctors.

There is no room for compromise, turning corners, or turning the page on mistakes and corruption, but rather for accountability.

I look forward to you, colleagues, to:

  • A union that rebuilds trust between itself and dentists.
  • A syndicate that defends the rights of dentists and preserves their moral and material interests.
  • A union that safeguards the profession and ensures its continuity.
  • A syndicate that attaches the utmost importance to the files of doctors and deals with them at a level worthy of them.
  • A union that regains its active role in its professional, administrative, social, health, scientific and preventive guidance tasks.
  • A union that interacts with people’s concerns and stands by them in their problems.
  • A syndicate that reflects the spirit of renewal and the same change in the Lebanese people in general and among dentists in particular.
  • A sophisticated digital syndicate that simulates the ambition of dentists in Lebanon.

I present to you the most important contents of the electoral project

First, the administrative role

1. Organizing and correcting the union’s finances

– Establishing an advanced financial system for the union to control all funds.

– Implementing the 103 reform recommendations in the union’s financial file to match the accounting restrictions with the budgets,

– Organizing the finances of continuing education in the Syndicate to control its resources and to preserve the rights of doctors.

Reconfigure the accounting for the fiscal years 2017-2018, 2018-2019 and for the previous years as well, due to the large number of material errors contained therein.

2 . Securing new financial resources for the union

Submitting an in-depth study of new bills that secure additional financial resources to finance the Syndicate’s fund, including, for example, deducting a percentage of the price of medicines prescribed by a dentist.

3. Amending Article 14 of the Bylaw

In order to encourage young doctors to participate in union work through the Syndicate Council and other councils, it is necessary to amend this article and reduce the number of years of affiliation to the Syndicate from 10 to 5 years as a condition for candidacy.

Second, the health and social role

1. Dental and Social Security Project

First, oral and dental health has become a basic human right, and for this reason, a law on social security coverage for basic dental treatments must be passed, which will encourage beneficiaries to visit the dentist periodically and not only when absolutely necessary. Amending the law decree that was introduced 20 years ago and has not been implemented so far, so that dentists are not charged with specific fees for treatment, leaving the freedom of the tariff to the treating doctor, making it a coverage similar to the coverage of the state employees cooperative.

Secondly, the approval of the dental and social security project allows dentists to join the National Social Security Fund, and to benefit from all its offerings, similar to what is done in the Doctors Syndicate.

2. Adoption of a system for the social assistance fund

In light of the two economic and health crises that burdened the dentist, the time has come, and it has become absolutely necessary to establish a system for the social assistance fund. A fund that manages grants and aid files, in normal circumstances and during crises and disasters as well.

I prepared this system for the Social Assistance Fund, and it is ready to be presented and discussed before the General Assembly in the service of the Syndicate and in order to preserve the rights of doctors.

3. ٳDiscounted purchasing card of the Dental Association

4. ٳUsually dentists have full rights to the death grant

I will work hard to return these deducted funds despite their low value and the Captain’s failure to convert their accumulated balance in banks into dollars in order to preserve their value, in contravention of the repeated demands in this regard by the Syndicate Council.

5. Raising the retirement pension

Because retired dentists have the right to a decent retirement life worthy of them.

Third, the advertising, media and communication role

  1. Adoption of an advertising and information law for dentists

With the spread of social media and websites and the ease of transmitting information through them, it is necessary to pass the advertising law for dentists, because in the internal law, the ban on advertising stems from old texts that must be amended to become modern for non-commercial, fair and honest communication.

2. Activating the media, preventive and indicative role

3. Launching the Electronic Syndicate

In the era of rapid development of information and communication technology, it is necessary to transfer our union to a modern digital union that facilitates the transactions of doctors.

Fourth, the economic role

In light of the stifling economic crisis, the Syndicate has the duty to stand by dentists, protect their rights, and preserve the profession by achieving the following:

1 . Activating the role of the Medical Tariffs Committee, especially in light of the difficult and stressful economic conditions that dentists are going through. Therefore, it is necessary to work from within this committee with dentists of various specialties to modify the medical agenda and the minimum.

  1. Develop a formula for medical tariffs based on the studies and technical tables mentioned above, with the aim of assisting dentists in light of the manipulation of the local currency exchange rate.
  2. Launching the electronic platform for dentists, through which medical materials companies offer offers and discounts, which will provide doctors with a noticeable reduction in the price of these materials and help them to overcome the difficult economic ordeal.

Fifthly, the scientific role

1. Recreating the leading scientific role of the Syndicate in the Middle East by activating the role of the Scientific Committee in organizing international conferences and modern scientific activities.

2. Disseminating scientific health information and guidelines for doctors in the name of the union, and supervising the development of a modern and advanced electronic magazine for the union that easily reaches all doctors.

3. Stimulating scientific research and providing prizes for the best scientific research in cooperation with national and international universities.

Sixth, the health and environmental role

Medical waste treatment project for dental clinics

This is done in coordination with the Ministries of Health and Environment and local councils.

This is my electoral project, and I hope to achieve it if you give me your confidence, and it is open to any additional suggestions that enhance union work and are in the interest of every dentist.

And I am ready for any debate with the doctors nominated for the position of captain in the next session.

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