Emily Lucius apologized to Locho Loccisano after being eliminated from The Hotel of the Famous

“She is the one who must have done the most shit out of all of us,” he was honest Martin Salwe a few days ago in The famous hotel when describing Emily Luciuswho became the target of much criticism due to his behavior with Locho Loccisano.

In the middle of a move to request its cancellation on social networkswhich in turn is her method of subsistence, the influencer decided to issue a public request for apology addressed to Locho in order to lighten the harsh messages you receive on a daily basis.

“I just came out of a game where I experienced moments of joy, competition, sadness and a lot of learning.. Coexistence with strangers requires patience, empathy, tolerance and at times that is lost. More in a game where you have no notion of time or reality, “explained Emily.


“Beyond that everything has been a competition, a game, I want to apologize to Locho Loccisano, his family, friends and followers, because it was not my intention But I know that with my words, with some of my actions, I questioned what he felt.”

“I was wrong, it wasn’t bad milk, and that’s why I’m showing my face here and apologizing. I already spoke with Locho, but making my apologies public is what I feel is appropriatebecause public was also the way I doubted him. Unfortunately, I was not able to communicate this to you before, since I had to comply with the contract that I signed.Lucius pointed out.

From today I am going to try to return to my axis, which is to work from humor always trying to be my best version. Thanks to all those people who during all this time have sent me messages of love and support, Those who know me and have been following me for so many years know very well who Emily Lucius is.”, closed the influencer.

In recent weeks, Emily has been very concerned as the brands that sponsor her on the networks have received requests to stop working with herand even his sister Belu Lucius has been the target of criticism and questionable comments.

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