Emirates News Agency – Abu Dhabi Police launches “3 interactive platforms” to support those convicted of electronic surveillance

ABU DHABI, 28th November, WAM/ Abu Dhabi Police launched 3 interactive platforms to provide psychological and social support to those sentenced to electronic police surveillance, in addition to an operations room to enable them to conduct meetings with those involved in the police follow-up department and aftercare in the community security sector in a positive atmosphere.

Colonel Ahmed Jumaa Al Khaili, Director of the Police Follow-up and Aftercare Department at the Community Security Sector, said that the three platforms were launched to meet the psychological and social needs of those sentenced to electronic police surveillance, and to provide them with a supportive and motivating environment after the verdict is issued or during periodic reviews and summonses.

He explained that the platforms were designed to provide an interactive and appropriate atmosphere that enhances the efforts of the Abu Dhabi Police to support those sentenced to electronic police surveillance and integrate them into society.

He added that the platforms include an operations room equipped with the latest technologies, including police monitoring systems, and an environment that attracts young people working on the site to spread the spirit of cooperation through expressive phrases and images that motivate them to persevere and give to achieve the strategic objectives of Abu Dhabi Police, which seeks to enhance community confidence.

Dina Omar

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