Emmanuel Macron chooses to display himself as a defender of nuclear power

ANALYSIS – The Head of State wants to announce before Christmas the construction of six new EPR reactors and relaunch the debate on the energy mix.

Focus on nuclear. The concessions to the ecologists at the start of his mandate have lived, Emmanuel Macron is fully committed to the development of the atomic sector. After announcing last week investments of 1 billion euros in small nuclear reactors (SMR), the Head of State is looking for the right moment to announce the construction of six new EPRs. It will be formalized before the Christmas holidays.

Emmanuel Macron hesitated to include this announcement in the presentation of the France 2030 plan. But in order not to dilute the impact, and to give rhythm to the rise in power of its nuclear strategy against the backdrop of the presidential campaign, it finally chose to devote a specific sequence to the EPRs, as an extension of the report to be submitted to it by RTE on the 25th. next october.

Emmanuel Macron had already mentioned the idea of ​​building new ones. It was in November 2018 in his speech on multi-year energy programming. “In the current state of solutions

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