Empowering Asian Actresses: Helen Qingtao’s Journey and Resilience in Taiwan

2023-08-02 05:58:10

Helen Qingtao. (Photo/Reposted from Facebook/Helen Qingtao)

Actress Helen Qingtao moved from Vietnam to Taiwan to develop her acting career. She was dubbed “Vietnamese Lin Chiling” for her striking appearance. In 2012, she was shortlisted for the Golden Bell Award for Best Actress in a Mini-Series for her TV series “Wild Lotus”. However, she has been in Taiwan for many years, but she has been repeatedly attacked by vicious people. She couldn’t bear to fight back yesterday (1st), “I hope you can learn to be a human being, not a beast.”

Helen Qingtao said on Facebook that she received a private message from a sour person, “Why do you have such big breasts when you are so small? You Vietnamese are selling them in Taiwan. How much do you want? Let me touch your breasts for a price.” She is rather unhappy.

Helen Qingtao said bluntly that most of the new Vietnamese residents who came to Taiwan are working hard to take care of their parents-in-law, while taking care of their husbands and children. Many Vietnamese sisters work outside, and they will continue to do housework when they return home. I don’t have time for myself, but no matter how busy or tired I am, I will fight for my family.

Helen Qingtao mentioned that it is not easy for them to live away from home. She has always been very grateful to the people in Taiwan for accepting them kindly and giving them help and support. Please don’t pollute this beautiful environment because of your substandard ideas. Let’s talk about Vietnam again. People who come to Taiwan are selling it. I believe everyone will not agree with you. The people you come into contact with are selling it because you want to buy it. Your savage words make people feel ashamed of you.

Helen Qingtao said domineeringly, “I am 173 centimeters tall, but my ambition is much higher than yours. Don’t climb high and don’t have dirty dreams. Finally, I will give you an international greeting (middle finger). I hope you can study hard to be a human being. Not being a beast.”

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