[EN DIRECT 28 FÉVRIER] All the developments of the pandemic

Whether in Quebec or elsewhere on the planet, the COVID-19 pandemic has been disrupting our lives for nearly a year.

Here you will find all the news throughout the day related to this crisis affecting the population, governments and the economy.

The balance sheets


Case: 113 876 314

Dead: 2 526 934


Case: 871 146, dont 287 740 in Quebec

Death: 21 990, dont 10 393 in Quebec


13h14 | Who will vaccinate you?

While vaccination is in full swing at the moment, the health network is desperately looking for vaccinators and injectors. About 40 types of health professionals are sought after, ranging from medical students to medical imaging technologists.

11h56 | The PQ calls for home vaccination for the most vulnerable

“It is astonishing that the government, which has been busy planning the vaccination operation for months, has ignored, for example, the issue of distance, given the vast territory of Quebec. Or that despite the evidence, he failed to consider that sometimes, the simple fact of moving a person puts their health or safety at risk, ”said deputy Joël Arseneau in a statement.

11:35 am | The Saint-Jérôme rapid hospitalization complex opens its doors

After several months of construction, the Saint-Jérôme Hospital can finally count on its rapid hospitalization complex (CHR), which welcomed its first patients on Sunday.

Started in mid-September 2020, this new wing will be used to add beds to free up acute care spaces in the hospital, which had become a need due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

11am | Quebec reports 737 new cases and 9 additional deaths

10h43 | More time to pay municipal taxes in Montreal

In order to give Montreal owners a bit of a break, Valérie Plante’s administration postponed the delivery of the first check for taxes to June 1, and to September 1 for the second payment.

9h31 | COVID-19: “Several advantages to the vaccine offered by Johnson & Johnson”

While Health Canada validated the use of AstraZeneca’s vaccine on Friday, the rapid approval of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is also expected in the country.

“We hope. […] There are several advantages to the vaccine offered by Johnson & Johnson. On the one hand, it is less expensive than those which are currently distributed, but the other point which is very important is that it is a single-dose vaccine, ”the virologist said Sunday morning. and professor in the department of biological sciences at UQAM, Benoit Barbeau.

8:54 am | Germany restricts French border crossings

Germany will restrict border crossings from France after classifying the Moselle department in a high-risk COVID zone, but renouncing a virtual closure as with the Czech Republic and Austria.

“The French department of Moselle will be considered from March 2 as an area affected by variants” of the COVID-19 virus, the highest category in the risk scale in Germany for the coronavirus, which has three , said the Ministry of Health.

8h | Philippines receives first doses of Chinese vaccine

The Philippines received on Sunday 600,000 doses of vaccine against COVID-19 sent by China and which will allow the start of a vaccination campaign despite concerns about the effectiveness of CoronaVac.

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Senior government officials and health workers will be the first to receive Sinovac’s vaccine on Monday, a week after it was urgently cleared by the Philippine drug regulatory authority.

7:05 am | Jordan: two ministers resign for non-compliance with health rules

The Jordanian ministers of the interior and of justice were forced to resign on Sunday for violating the health rules in force to fight against the coronavirus epidemic, we learned from an official source.

The sanction was taken by Jordanian Prime Minister Bicher al-Khassawneh and immediately endorsed by King Abdullah II, according to a statement from the royal palace.

6h45 | Iran has officially passed the 60,000 death mark

Several senior Iranian officials, including President Hassan Rouhani, had warned in recent weeks against a “fourth wave” of COVID-19, after an increase in the number of cases in some regions of the country.

4h38 | Vatican Ambassador to Iraq positive for COVID-19 ahead of Pope’s visit

1h49 | Denmark: eight arrests on the sidelines of an anti-restriction demonstration

Eight people were arrested on the sidelines of an anti-restrictions protest Saturday night in Copenhagen that brought together up to 1,200 people, police said overnight.

1h | Erotic cinemas can also reopen their theaters

By allowing cinemas to reopen this week, the government has also allowed cinemas like Cinema L’Amour to resume their erotic film programming, where customers do more than just eat popcorn.

1h | Closed swimming pools: a bad surprise for families

Families who wanted a change of scenery during the school break were disillusioned when they learned that hotel swimming pools would remain closed, they which were the envy of children.

“This is the main reason that brought us here”, launched at Journal Frédéric Garneau, when I met yesterday in the lobby of L’Hôtel Québec, at the gates of the capital.

[EN DIRECT 28 FÉVRIER]  All the developments of the pandemic

Photo Didier Debusschère

0h45 | African-American barber cuts COVID-19 stigma short

Equipped with his golden trimmer and white comb, Mike Brown, a barber in a modest suburb of Washington, fights prejudices about COVID-19 among his African-American customers, who die more from the disease, but are less vaccinated.

0h | The champions of tickets after 8 p.m.

The Sherbrooke police force is the police force that has given the most offenses related to non-compliance with the curfew in proportion to the population served, with a rate two and a half times higher than the provincial average.

[EN DIRECT 28 FÉVRIER]  All the developments of the pandemic

Photo Agence QMI, Pascal Girard

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