England achieves the first win of Qatar 2022 with a 6-2 against Iran and the Netherlands suffers but beats Senegal

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Again several empty spaces were seen in the stadiums of Qatar.

How can we define the England vs. Iran from group B of the World Cup in Qatar played at the Al Kalifi stadium?

Very easy for the English led by Gareth Southgate.

With barely 40 minutes into the first half (including the 15 minutes that the game was suspended due to the injury of the Iranian goalkeeper) England had already scored three goals.

Jude Bellingham, Bukayo Saka and Raheem Sterling scored for the so-called Three Lions. And, in the second half, Saka repeated on the scoreboard, Marcus Rashford, who had barely entered seconds before, put the fifth and Jack Grealish, one of the stars of Manchester City, he put the sixth on the board.

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