Enhancing Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence: Emirates Health Services Innovations

2024-02-24 16:39:43


February 24, 2024

20:39 pm

Prepared by: Ohood Al-Naqbi
The Emirates Health Services Corporation has adopted an obstetric artificial intelligence robot that contributes to asking statistical questions using voice and text commands to provide information in real time, in addition to an artificial intelligence model to measure the performance of surgeons, which uses 13 main indicators designed to measure the performance of the doctor’s skills and arrive at calculating the final results. For the surgeon, with the aim of enhancing continuity of learning and developing expertise, in addition to providing exceptional health care to ensure the health of patients.
As well as the Itqan Efficiency Management application, which is based on artificial intelligence and designed using intelligent algorithms to identify revenue waste and take immediate actions to reduce waste, it integrates artificial intelligence capabilities with immediate actions in the healthcare environment in real time.
As well as the use of clinical artificial intelligence in predicting cardiovascular disease, which identifies patients at risk of developing severe coronary heart disease and timely interventions will have the greatest impact in reducing mortality. It also classifies patients and helps in booking medical appointments within an artificial intelligence-based system, to simplify The patient journey and improving the productivity and efficiency of healthcare providers was implemented in partnership with Microsoft.
It is considered a virtual nurse project based on artificial intelligence, which contains a database containing 10,000 health diagnoses and presentations. The technology also allows understanding and responding to patients’ inquiries, in addition to a model that uses clinical risk groups and is based on the clinical classification of the population and their division to measure variation in disease burdens.

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